Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

180 SE a. VII. Seven Cafcs, wherein men detaine this Truth in un- righteoufneffe. I In the Corn - miflion of known fias. The Lal) of mans judgement many of the Cafes wherein they detaine this Truth and with- hold it in unrighteoufneffe, wherein they doe not pralife according to this knowledge, and thefe are feven in number. Firft, in the Commiffion of all knowne fires there you detaine this Truth, there you imprifon ir,when- foever you finde this to be your Cafe that you corn. mit any knownefin, therein you are a detainer of the Truth,an imprifoner of ir. As for example,when a man (hall know that thefe duties ought to be done, I ought to pray fervently, and frequently, I ought to fan&ifie the Lords Sabbath, but out of an unliftincffe to it,out of love to eafe and pleafure, that-carries him another way, he neglects ir, and fo the duty lies un. done: This is the Commiffion of a known fin: So a- gaine, I know I ought not to remember an injury, I ought to forgive mine Enemy, yet thou invitefl him to do thee a new injury, when this is -known and not pradifed, in this case men commit a known ßn ; fo againe, doff thou not know that thou oughteft not to ufe any dalliance,any touch of uncleannes,and cham- bering or wantonneffe a ifa man know this, and yet will commit it, becaufe his lufts intend his minds to fuch a fin, and it is a thing to which he is ftrongly in. clined,this is a known /in; fo in many other things, in cafes ofeletion, or doing bufineffes this man ought to be chofen, and bufintf esoughtto be carried thus, yet out of fome b y-refpc s, will have it car - ried otherwife,this is committing of a known fin; fo in cafe of Envy, this mans preferment may be profi- table, but becaufe his eminency may be hurtfull to me, I cannot affect him, this is a known (lane; fo in Cafe