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Comfort the end of Scrip- ture. Mans nature full of ungodlinef . to Chrifl they muff be humbled. It is true, our end is Confolation, for that is indeed the end ofthe Scrip- tures ; I fay, the end of the Scriptures is Confolati- on, that through them you might have hope : and fo is it the endof this datrine of Humiliation, as, though a purge,or lancing, are troublefome to the body,yet the end of the Phyfitian in ufing them is health, and helpe; and without this cow fethere is nohelpe.And for that caufe we have fallen on this Text,that it may teach us to know our felves, and the need we Rand in of chrifl. You (hall finde thefe three to be the three great parts of the Apoftolicall Ambaffagc: First, to humble men, to make them know what need they Rand in of Chrifi. SeCondly,to raife them againe,to preach remiffion of fins. Thirdly,to teach the dodtrine of Santification. Thefe three, Humi- liation, Iuflification,and SanEtification,are the three maine things wherein our condition to God confifts. Therefore my intent is to goe thorow thefe three. And wee will doe it briefly, beginning with this Text which we have in hand. The occafion where- of is this. Paul tels the Romans that his intent was To come to them : But what fhould he doe there e He would preach the Gofpell : yea, but it was an ignominious thing tobe a Chriffian, a thing that would expofe him to much perfecution and fhame. It is no matter, faith he, z am not afhamedof the Got ell, for it id the power of God to f lvation. But how doth hee prove that it is the power of God to falvation e We fee that in the Gofpel the righteoufnef of God is revealed,that is, there is no way in the world for men to be jufti- fied,