Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

Mans nature full of ungodlinef . fled, to be counted ighteous before God, burro have a righreoufnu ffe revealed from heaven, even another kinde of righteouf neffe than any man hath in him - felfe; a righteoufnefl'e of Chri/l,a righteoufneffe that is to be imputed to men; and this, faith he, is revea- led in the Gofpell : and therefore the Gofpell onely is the power of God to falvat ion. But here comes the great queftion ; Why is it needful! that there fhould be a new kinde of righteoufnefl'e revealed, a righte- oufnefl'e wrought by another, and made ours onely but by Imputation, faith he: It mutt be fo, elfe no fief i can be Paved : Every man inuft needs be con- demned, for all men are unrighteous, every man is full of all impiety and wickednefíe,which he delivers in this vexfe; thence concluding that it is needful! to have the Gofpell revealed,for that is it,that reveales the righteoufnefhe óf Chrifl. A righteoufnefle of Chrift, which is onely wrought by Chriff, and will onely Rand out before the judgement feat of God. So that the end ofthewords is to convince men, to Phew unto them that they have no righteoufnefTe of their owne, to affure them, that if they Band in the condition they arc in by nature, they remaine in condemnation ; for he that beleeves not, is condem- ned already : there needs no new condemnation ; if he have not the son, the wrath of God abides on him. So that the maine thing in thefe words is this af. fertion, That mans natureis fall of ungodlinefe and anrighteoufnefe.Two things are charged upon mans nature, Firft, a fulnefle of all kinde of finnes against God. Secondly, of all injuftice and unrighteoufnelîe to men, one touching the firft Table, the other the B z fecond. 3 SERa4.I. Why we are juflified by the righteoufnefre of another. Iohn ;. wit. Mans nature is) full of ungod. lincffe and un- righteoufnefI'e.