Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

28o i A Sermon Preached before There is a double feare : r. A feare that puts us upon indireft meanes. z. A feare that retsus to worke on good mean s. L ii(h, it was a fecure people, and you know how they fared They were fo fecure, that when an enemy came againft them it was like the (baking of a Fig -tree that bath the rippe Figges on it, which being ( haken, the Figges fall into their mouth : Be not fecure, but feare, which is both a figne and -a meanes of !safety. It is true, is th e a double feare : One kinde of feare indeed brings evil! one, and that we (hall finde was the feare of ieroboaas, who being afraid, that by occaftón of the poples going to Ieruáalem, the king dome would *eturn to the Houfe of David y there- fore he falls to irate& policy, and out of that feare, caufcd Golden.calves to be let up in Dan and Bethel. Indeed a feare that fers us on wrong meanes is unlaw- full, as that very thing was the deftru&ion of him,and of his Houfe, for it loft them the Kingdome. So said had a feare, but that fearewas his undoing, becaufe it fet him a worke to tie ill meanes, for when he was a. fraid he went to the Witch of Endor, which was his ruine, whereas it may be if he had,fought to the Lord, he might have obtained helpe. But then there is the good feare that I commend un- to you,which is oppofite to fecurity,that is fuch a feare as lets you on work to ufe good meanes : You fee Da, vid,when'ziglag was burnt with fire,and his men were ready to ftone him, what his feare let him onworke to doe, to pray, to encourage himfelfe in the Lord, and and this feare turned away the evil!. Such a feare was leho¡aphats, when he feared, he humbled hitnfelfe be- fore the Lord by faring and prayer. Let this be your feare, apd let it have fuch an effed among you to ufe fuch meanes as (hall turne away the Lords wrath. And,