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the Commons-hale Parliament. 28t And, in a word, to conclude, and it (hall be the Taft word I will fpeake to you, marke it well, and hearken to it as newes from Heaven, as a mefíage from G o D. When Afa came home with that great vic`tory,the Spi- rit of God came upon Azariah; And he met.Afa and f idunto him : oh Afa, and allludah and Benja Bare me : If you be with the Lord, the Lord will be with you, but if you forfake the bord,tbe Lo d fhall a fo forfake you. And this I fay to you all ; if you be with the Lord,the Lord will be with you,and if you forfake the Lord he will reject} you. But you will fay,what great newes is there in this Marke it; we are apt to thinke, that tó be with the Lord is not enough, but we mutt have other manes, and props, and helpes. No, faith he, it is enough for . you to fticke clofc to the Lord, and to take no other care,fór the Lord will be with you,who is Almighty, and able to defend you. Againe, we are apt to thinke, that though we for - fake the Lord, yet he will not forfake us: elfe why are we fo bold in finne a Why are not we more zealous againft fin f Why mourne we not for the abominati- ons that are amongít us a But the Prophet aniwers us for that; if you doe forfake the Lord,the Lord will a fo forfake, and depart from you. Confider it, and the Lord give you underftanding.. cTir.r s,z