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Humiliation before IuRification. the feet ofthem that bring glad tidings of falvation are beautifull. Likewife Humiliation is neceflary for this caule, becaufe except men be throughly humbled,theywil never take the Kingdome of Heaven by violence; and they muff take it fo, elfe they (hall never have it now by the Kingdome of Heaven is meant the Go- fpell; you know it is called the Go ell of the King - dome, that is, righteoufnefre and grace therein revea- led and offered. In Matth.1 1.12. and Luke i 6.16. you (hall finde that fromthe time of John the Bap - tifl, The Kingdome of Heaven fuiered violence,and the violent take it by force : The meaning is this, faith C n x 1 s r to them, we preach the Gofpell, fo did lohn, with him it began to be preached ; but deceive not your felves, many think they take the kingdome of Heaven, but you mutt know there be two kindes of taking; force are content to be laved, and to doe many things as Herod did, and as the fecond and third ground did, but this is a falle taking, and de- ceive not your felves thereby. There is another kinde of taking, when a man takes this Kingdome violently, and indeed none (hall have it,but after this manner. Now what is it to take it violently:' When a man takes a thing violently, he doth it with all his might, bee puts all his ftrength to ir, hee doth it not coldly, and flightly, and overly, but with all his might. So the meaning is this; The Kingdome of Heaven is as if one were to come within a narrow doore, which cannot be without difficultie,when he puts to all his violence and ftrength to doe it. Ac. cording to the phrafe in Luke, Since the time of John. the sei---011010....9W 15 SERM.I. 2 Elle men take not the King dome wich vio- lence. To take hea ven violently, what.