Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

14 S E R M.1, Luke t s.17. simile. Humiliation before Iulli fication. when cillanages had corrupted hirnfelfe with mon- irons abominations -there fet down, the Lord fpake to him, but he regarded it nor, till he was humbled, but when being led into captivitie and bound in fetters, he was humbled, then he befought G o D, who was intreated of him. In the fifteenth of Luke you (hall' finde this phrafe,TheProdigal [Onne came to himfelfe ; It is a Parable (hewing every mans naturali conditi- on, hee was not himfclfe before, bee was a drunken man,or a mad man ; and that is the cafe of every man before he be humbled, he is as a drunken man; now come and fpeake to a drunken man, as long as you wil,he being in his drunkennefl'e and madneffe heares not : it is only this Humiliation that brings a man to himfelfe; In 2 Chro.6.37. you (hall find this phrafe, if they(hall turne with all their hearts in their captivi_ tie, and repent for their trap fgrepons, then doe thou heare in heaven, &c. I name it for the phrafe, if they (hall turne with their heart, which they will not doe till they be humbled, till then they be bufied about pleafures, or profits, or fomerhing elfe, but they Tooke not into their hearts. The phrafe imports fo much: fuppofe a man be inflant in fame fport and re- creation, and one come and tell him in themidfl of his (port, there is an Officer without ready to take you and carry you to prifon ; fuch a meffagc will turne to his heart, and make him confider what hee bath done, and what a miferable condition he is in : fo when the Law comes it humbles a man, making him to draw in his Thoughts, and to fee his mifery ; and when he is woundedwith the fenfe ofhis finnes, and with thewrath of G o n, then, and not till then,; the