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Humiliation before Iuitification. 17 Now theuíè of this is double: Fini, is this fo ne- sE R M.l cefíaty r Then labour to fee your felfe humbled, if ever you looke to be faved and ¡unified, for though Yfe r. G o D offers Salvation to all (as it is true none is -ex. ¡ To labour fai cep :ed) yet hee lookes to none with a gracious eye humilia " °n.° to fave him indeed, but him that is poore and con- trite it heart, and trembler at His Word. And good reafon, for none elfe will looke after Him ; the poore receive the Gefpell, and none elle : When we preach the Gofpell, it is like Cyrus his Proclamation, it was a generali Proclamation, that all that would might goe out of captivitie and build the Temple, but faith the Text, onely they went, whole heart the L o R D flirred up _to gee; others would not goe: So when we preach, we offer Salvation to all men, that is our Commiflion, ciearke'16e Coe and preach Marke le. z 5. to all Nations, that is, offer Grace and Salvation to all men; but when it-comes to the point, that men muff goeout of their captivitie, and build a Temple to G o D, they will not doe ir, they will rather live in captivitie nil', becaufe they be not humble. To goe out of their finnes wherein they have beene cap- tivated, a great -while and to build a Temple to C z a r s that is, tomake their hearts fit temples for C DI- I s r, to purge themfelves from ally ßlthi- neffe of AA and.pirit, to labour to wálke in His feare., to leave all; eventhe beloved finncs,and to de- light in the L o It D, in the Inner rnan,they will nor, what is the reafon e They are not yet humbled, and therefore they cannot belayed., The labile among rage rerem_ the Lewes may be a very fit refemblance hereof, and Nance of the for ought I know,. may be fo intended, to refemble liberty in the the Ùofpeil.