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r8 Humiliation before Iufification. R---14.1 the glorious liberty in the times of the Golpel.Now the Iubile was this, All fervants jhould then goe free, but if any would not, (as of them there were many) then he wad to be bored in the care, and to be a perpetuall fervant. So when we preach the Gofpell, this is the great Iubile, every man may be free, the Son comes to that end, and it is the end of the Truth to make 1 men free : The Son comes to deliver every man out of the Gaole, if he will, but men will not be at fiber- tie, they will be fervartts fill!; becaufe they were ne- ver humbled,they never felt the hcavinefl`e of Satans yoke, they were never wearied with fin ; for if they were fo, this would be acceptable newes, but it is Danger to de- not fo. Now marke this by the way, if a fervant 1" "1"" God would not goe free, he fhould not afterwards be at `ats' liberty to goe and flay when he lifl,but nis care fhall be bored, and he fhall be a perpetuall fervant. So if you deferre this when you heare the Gofpell prea- ched, and thinke I will not alway live in this condi- tion, I will repent and come out of ir, know, that is not enough, G o n will not wait thy leafure, if thou wilt not come out, take heed left G o D bore thee in the eares, that is, never give thee an heart to come out. Doe not fay, If it be fo neceffaxy, I will doe it hereafter : take heed that thy opportunities bee not wholly taken from thee , and know that find of Chrias C H R I S T came into the world, not only to take comming. away firm, for that was but a part of it : But what Titus x.r . was His bufioeffe a Flee came likewife to ?trifle to Himf lee a pêt°uliar peoplealoor of goad wakes. I# men might runne outtheir age in frn,and C H 'x i s r forgive them in the end, when they pieafeto give over