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Humiliation before Turlification. over finning, then Hee might have one of His ends made good, which is to take away thy finnes, but thou couldit not be a people zealous of good works, neither could He have any fervice of thee. But thou mull know, C H R it T hath hired thee for the whole day, that is, all the Time of thy life. When He went out in the morning to call in Labourers in- to His Vineyard, they did not make anfwer. Well, . we will come at noone, but when His pleafure is to call, whether at one or two a clocke, that is His call, but if Hee call thee in the morning, that is, if thou have the Word preached, if He knockeat the doore of thy heart, and by His Spirit fuggeft many good motions in thee to come home, if His will be revea- led to thee, it may bee thou mayeft not have fuch an ,opportunitie againe; that is His call; take heed that thou deferre it nor,. left fo His wrath fhould be kindled againft thee; and woe unto thee,if His wrath be kindled but a little; this is a thing notconlidered. In Ez,ek. z. q.. i 3. Thou remainefi in thy wickednele ; And why is that t. He gives this reafon for it l would have.purged thee ,and thou wouldeff not he purged,there- ore thou limit never be purged rill my wrath light on thee. That is, when G o n makes an offer, when the powerfull Word founds in our cares; when He call, and we cannotdeny His knockingat our doores,and yet we will not-come in; becaufe then, and thereat that time, thou wouldit not be purged therefore thou (halt never be purged, till G o hr's wrath light nn thee .and:therefaredeferreitnov. Baas :you wilLfa'y ( andhhatii a thing that keepes menoff) I have done it already, and what need you C 2 to 19 SERM.I. ___.... Esek.s$ 13 .