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"Mk Humiliation before lufli fication. 23 ment, what dot we therein, but offer C H ft I s T tv S E R M,[. you:' we preach CHRIST in the Sacrament, He is therein indeed offered more ferfibìy : Now what have you to doe with Gbrifl, if you are not humble s° Confider if this be not wrought in you; and remem- ber this, that whofoever comes to the Sacramen' without this Humiliation, that wants this broken- neffe of heart, receives it unworthily, and provokes G o n to wrath. The Puffe_over was to be eaten Paíi;ovér, why with fi:wre herbes, and the, maim bufantffe therein e.nen wnh was to remember the condition they were fet at h (owe úeibcs. berty from, to remember their bondage in kg)/ pr_. and their mif ries endured there; for by that, they law the greatnefi'e of God's. mercies. So one of the maine bunt fries you have to doe,is to cortfìdo -out fins, and bee humbled, to confider your miierdbli condition, and to think it not a light matter that yon may omit it. Confider but that one place; Levit 33.29. you fhall finde there that in the day of Ex. ' Levit.a3.1?. piation, in the day of Atonement, when they cunt to offer facrifice, hee that on that day did not aflii& has foule, he was to be cut off from his p(ople. Yot have it two or three times repeated,lt is an ordinance, and this is fill] put in,-He that comes to make an At onement, to be reconciled, and offer a S sr: f; ee, re- member this ordinance for ever, Hee Jilin afflia bk. fro, and he that doth ittnot,lhall be cut off from -.ris people : Therefore ye du hanoccafion to make Life ;5i it that are to receive, and not you'onely, for the Do- &rine is generali, WhoJever doth not afßit his foule, he pall never be reconciled, but (hall be cut of from hid 4 But