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24 ¡ humiliation before Iu.Fti frcation. S ;E R lu.l I But you will fay, I (hould be willing to doe this, but how fhal I be able to doe ire Iî God would hum - jeft ble me, and let it on, and convince me by His Spirit, it might be done, but how (hall I doe it my (elfe lAnfw. I anfwer ; Thou art to goe about it thy felfe: It is Helps to burn not for nothing that thofe words are ufed in Ioel 2. ble and affhc 13. Rend your hearts and not your garments : He fayes, the rook for rve. rend your hearts. And Ier. 6.4.. Plow up the fallow Iocl t 3. ground of your hearts ; that is, you fhall affliEì your ter'6' foules : And lam. . Be riled that is Puffer your Iamu 4.g. 49 f , , (elves to bee aftlieted for your (elves, forrow and Be Willing to weepe, that is the way to cleanfe you. Therefore a bchwmbled. man Ihould goe about the w.orke himfelfe, that is, . take this,refolutiou; Well, I fee I muff be humbled, elfe I cannot on good grounds take chrif, for I fhall not prize Him, therefore I will not give over labou- ring of my heart till it be humbled. Suffer thy felfe to be of ieted, as if He ( hould fay, Men are not wil- ling to fuffer it; if they doe hang their heads for a day, they are quickly weary , outward bufrnefl'e comes,or pleafure commands,and thework growes tedious. Therefore is that in Ioel z. Sant fle a Fafl, that you may rend your hearts; that is, fequefter your. (elves from all other bufinefí'es,from all other occa. fions, fanáifie .a Fa}, that yee may have leafure to doe it ; if one Taft will not doe it, take another : Let a man got alone and ref olve never to give over till it, be done, till hehath brought his heart to doe it. When I have done this,wlhat (hall I thendoe e Anfiv. Confider your finnes, lookebacke.and confider how many have fworne, how oft you have broken the Sabbath, whether you have defiled your