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The New Creature, -what. 469 to the Spirit, and as in other feeds, every feed bringeth SE a.IX. forth more abundantly, it rifeth with a greater plenty ; fo every good worke you doe, it will due you good at one time or other,you fhall be fure to have prefent wa- ges for it,and for that you fuffer,Mar. ro .Too Aid hive anhundred fold its this dzfe, and fet afide eternal' life, for every thing that you lofe for Chrifis fake,you fhal have an hundred fold : Many particulars there he reckons up, if you lofe friends or goods, whatfoever you lofe, you (hall have an hundred fold in this life with perfe- cution; for there is the objetion. O but we fee they are perfecuted, they are beneath and not above, they are trampled one they are mile- rabic. Why though they be,yet with perfecution you (hall have an hundred fold,that is;you fhall have an hundred fold more comfort: As, I will give you but this in. fiance. Take Paul, he was perfecuted andaflhided, had not Hundred hee an hundred fold r Take a man that lives in abun.: fold with dance, and in plenty of all things, compare his conditi ó; "' on with that ApoftIes,and fee whether he had notmore joy of heart, more comfort in thole afflictions, when 'le went from Prifon to Prifon, from affixation to at flition, than Nero had in his Palace, or than men have that enjoy outward things in abundance, -for they ,.rc tot outward things that will comfort us, the it it. ar may have in plenty,and yet want the comfort of their:; s many thoufands have had. So much (hall f fve for he anfwering of thofeobjedions. Therefore, fince riere are fo many.motivesto move you to come in td CHRIST, the impediments which you finde in the H h way,