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o The New Creature, what. ss R.IX way,the objet1ions of theflefh, and the objeâ ions that come from Satan are but delufions. Why fhould you not come in a H:. is the ground of all comfort ; have him, and have all; want him, and want all things : a b. .ts I ¡oh. 5. He that bath the Son, bath life ; he that bath not the Son, the wrath of God abides upon hire : That is, bee that hath the Son, hath life, and all things that pertains Happines to life ; that is it that makes a man happy,as you know 'ghat. every thing is laid then to be happy, when it hath that which is agreeable to that being, agreeable to that life that it leades. A man that leads the life of nature,is hap- py for thisworld, according to his condition,when he hath everything that belongs to this life, when he bath wealth, when he bath houfes, when he bath all conve- niences. Now, when a man bath the Son, bee bath fpirituall life, and all things pertaining to it,chere is no- thing wanting to make him happy; when hec hath not that, The wrath of God abides on him ; that is, the Lora is his Enemy, to afflid him, even He that is the Go vernour of the world 5 and hee is not his enemy for fit, but the wrath of God abides on him for ever. An therefore, fine the Lord is the cause of all our com. fort, he is the ground of all Salvation, both of all the graces, and of all the Priviledges that follow upon it this fhould move us to come in, and to take him ; thofc two arguments, !fay, the mifery that you arc in,out of him,, and the happineffe you thall have byhim a but I will urge this no further, fo much Ian ferve for this Text.