Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

Humiliation before lufli fjcation. hend chriff,the nearer you draw to Him. And take this doth not weaken affurance, but workes the contrary : Indeed the lefle finccrity, and the leffe mourning for fin,and the leffe Humilia- tion, the lef eaflurance. But reckoning up,and thin- king on thy fins encreafeth it. If I have fo many fins, how'can I be faved Yes, fo much the rather, the more thou canal fee and bee humbled for them, the more thou addeft to thy affurance,and fo to thy love and faith. Therefore a man thould make a daily pra- etife of Humiliation, for it is to a mans great advan. tage, it is a thing too much omitted, we thould take time for it. And thinkc it your advantage to be able to fee what we have in our nature, how much guilt we have contracted by fin,and how our fins may bee aggravated; for this will teach us to :prifff <cbrifI. And fo much for this point. (* * *) 29 SERài.I. Humiliation ircreafctla rance. The end of the firfi : Sermon.