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Humiliation before lufli fication® to his faith, and drawes him nearer to C n R I s r, themore his fin is difcovered. It is Paid of the wo- man, Jive lovedsmuch, becaarfemtucb en et fergiven her : Others had as much mercy as the, but the had more fence of it,becaufe the was more humbled: the more you. fee and are fenfible of your f nues, the more it addes to your love, it makes you to ptife Him,when you fee you are fo much beholden to Him. Againc, it will adde to faith, I meane not only the ad of be- , keying, but the ad of taking C it R i s T. The more a man fees the need he Rands in of C x R r s T, the more hee is convinced of Pinne, the more hee takes ,.,C x R for there be degrees of taking Him. When a woman takes an husband, there be degrees in her will, there may be additions to her will, Thee may be more fully contented in him and more prife him. And fo in taking of C n R i s r for our Lott n, and Husband, and SAY r o u it. It is truc, if wee will take Him in earneft,- any meafure of, truc, faith will fave us, but we may doe it more abundantly,for the more fentewe have of fin, the more greedy (hall we be of Him. Againc, the more empty the foule is, the more a man is humbled,thc more he fees into himfelfe (as faith comeswith an empty hand) The fatter hold is laid on C R I s r Therefore adde (till to Humiliation, let it be your exercife, the wor- fer you be perfwaded ofy our felves, and the better you conceit . of G o D, it is the more for your ad- .vantage; the more you can hate and abhorre your felves, the more you are improved thereby, for the flesh in you mutt be abhorred, and it is our fault we doe it not enough and againe, the more you a hp e. .