Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

i THE SECOND SERMON VPaN HVMILIATION. ROMANS I. lg. For the wrath Of is resealed from heaven againfl ail ungodlineffe and unrihteoufneffê of men, which with- holckhe Truth in unrighteouf- nef. E come now to the matter of flumilia- lion, contained inthefe words which I have already opened, and (hewed the points that may thence bee dráwioe. The flrft whereof which we will be- gin with, is this: That the Nature of MO is full of all earighteoufnef and ungodlinefe. Youknow:by that which you heard before, how.itis gathered. it will be a vaine labour to goe about to prove: it .you know how, plcntifult the Dear. The Nature of mans mull of tmrighceouf- nefre and un- godlíncfic.