Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

Theatatute of man evidenced to be full of ti todl,netic.. Y By she Law. That the Nature of man ú full of the Scripture is in it, and you are not fo ignorant of the Grounds of Divinity, as not to confeffe ir. The bufìncffe will bee to Phew tivherein it confiftts, and how the nature of man is corrupted, for by making this evident, we flialiby the fame labour, prove and confirme it to you. Now the way to evidence this,that the Nature of man is full of all unrighceoufneffe and ungodlineffe, is, to looke to the rule. If you will finde out the dif- order and diflemper that any thing is fubjett to,the way is to looke to the rule to amend it by. Now every Creature hach a law, the Fire, the Water,the Sea,yea,every Creature fcnfible,and infenfible bath a law given to it, which, as they obferve, they con - tinue in perfection, and looke how farre they goe afide from that, fo farre they be imperfe&t. Now the Law given to man, is the Morali Law andthe Gofpell, and there two, he is to obferve. And if you will finde out the truth of this, That the Nature of mot isfull of à11 ungedlineff e and unrighteoufneffé,look to there two. Firft, looke to the Law of G o tr;and fee, if that doe not conclude all men under fin, looke therein to both the Table's.. It is true,`f yppgcriies make a good Thew of keeping the firft Table, they feeme to he forward in the duties belonging.. to, God; but looke to the fecond Tables and that difcovers them. Civill men feeme tobe ,exact in the fecond Table,in performing duties to man,but lookcto the firft table, what their carriage to Go ñ -is, what lit. tle confcience they make, of taking His Name in vaine, of fantlifying His Sabbath, of performing holy duties in an hòlynnner of love,. and<fcare.: This