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34 SERNLI 1. Matth.5.18. The leaft breach of the Law will be punithed. That the Nature of man is full of raid of the Law, for wee may preffe the Law long enough, but many are remi& in attending to it. Therefore, to fir you up (as I know it is but a (mall matter) I will name but one place, and let that flay in your memories, Matth. 5.18. Heaven and earth Atli page away, but one title, one jot of this Law flail not pap away : Marke that, not one jot of the Law ¡hall perifh. That is, looke thorow the whole Law of G o n, take all the Commandements there, you (hall give account ofevery idle word,you muff keep the Sabbath exaâly,you muff not fpeake your owne words. Take any Commandement that you thinke the nature ofman is molt ready to breake, and con - fider that faying of C n a i s r, Not one jot of the. Law (ball perini ; heaven andearth pall paf away, but the Law of G o n in the leaft part ofit (hall not pe- rith: That is, there (hall not bee one of thefe fmall things, that the Law commands, but if you neglect it, by difobeying it, G o n will furely require it; there is not the kalt thing, wherein you have gone afide this rectitude, and difobeyed this Law, but it (hall be required of you. And that is the meaning of that phrafe, Thon Jbalt pay the uttermofl farthing. Though we reckon them trifles, the uttermoft far- thing ¡hall be paid, For this is our fault, though wee preí'e the Law, and tell you of your finnes, yet you thinke.this is a fmall thing, and G o n may beare with mein this, for we be apt to judge of G o Da as of our felves: A fmall fault I can beare with in my fervant, therefore G o D may in this-difpenfe with roe. Wèthinke ofthe Law of G o n, as of mans law; but we mutt not judge of G o n fo, wee muff judge,.