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all unrighteoufne%7e and ungodlinef . 33 This difcovers civilitic : (that is, when there is no- SERM. 1I. thingelfe but civilitie.) Againe, looke to 'lanes of all forts, fome grolTe finnes,Peccata va fiantia Confci. emtiam, crying fins, and finaller fins too, fins of Idle moment, the Law difcovers all. Now, by the Law you mull not only underfland Law how to the ten Commandements, but that re:¿litude which b- uadu tood runs thorow the whole Booke of G o.p exprefled in the whole Scriptures. As in the Scripture, the Law and the Prophets arc put together, as it the Prophets were but a Commentary ón the Law : looks on the Scriptures, looke upon the flraitnelle, thare¿ìitude in the whole Books of G o n . Then when that is done, looke on your owne na cures, your owne errours, the fecret windings, and turnings of the heart, your owne thoughts and affe- ¿lions, and fee what a difproportion, a diflikenefle there is; fee how farrc you are from that holintffe, that puritie, and re¿litude defcribed in this Booke of G o n, for that, I fay, you are to underfcand by the Law. And when you have done that, you (hall finde your finnes tobe exceeding great for their quantitie, and exceeding many for their number, and that will amaze you. This amazed Saint Paal, when he once underflood the Law,when he looked on all the parts of it, not onely on grofl'er fumes forbidden, but on the re¿litude, the holindle which is required that amazed him, Ror. y.g. That made fin alive; he was Roth. 7.9. alive before,and fin was dead, but when the Law dif- covered Lullto be finne, thenfinne was alive, and he died. So if we could lee the Law, the flri¿lnefle of it, it would doe thus with. us. And marke whatis D faid