Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

That the Nature of man is full of i finne,there is equity that the Law be required of us, though wee have not ability to pc rf`orme it. Now, why should it feerne unreafonable that I Mould bee Adams fin es Jyable to Adams account e Even to the fame exal- cluzgcd onus ne(fcthough I want abilitie toperforme it a It is true Adam ranne in debt, but doe not we pay many debts of our Grand fathers, and Fathers, which we never drunke for e though we ruune not into them, yet we (land liable to the payment. In the Law, if a man had committed an offence, and was adjudged to be a bond flave, it was his particular offence, but were not all his children bond- (laves after him a and yet it was not their offence. So Adam forfeited his liber- tie,became a.Bond.ilavc to finne and Satan, and the fame is the condition of all his Pofterity. And befides the common reafon, which is a true one, and a good one, that if in equity we fhould have flood with him, therefore in equitie wee fhould fall with him, I will adde two confederations, and then you (hall finde it very reafonable that we fhould fall with him, and that the fame fhould be required of us, which was of him, though we have not the farne abilitie. Men condern- One is, that the Angels (though we did not fin as neá for their they did, for they finned every one in his owns perfonall fins. y y y er- p fon) are juftly condemned,becaufe every Angell fin- ned himfclfe, he committed the fin, he was the Au- thor of it; and therefore it is reafon they fhould bee punifhed. But come to Adams Pofteritie, confider that they had a manes given them,and that they that are condemned (except children) of Adams'Pofleri- rie, they Are condemned for their owne lianas they might