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all unrighteoufne and ungodlinef. might doe much more than they doe,they fin againft SE RM.1!. the Law, they have, and fo they are not only con- 37 demned for Adams fin, but for the finnes committed in their owne perfons. For G o D intended to give them a fecond Board after the great fhipwracke in Adam, on which they might fave themfelves if they would, ifthe fault were not in themfelves ; for, it is true, they might doe more if they would,they might keepe the Law of Nature better than they doe, and for that they,are condemned. Again, as weeare condemned for t4dams finne, Chriits righte though we did not commit it,fo we are faved by the ou °effe impu- ted OS well as righteoufneffe of C x R i s r, though wee did not Adams finne. performe it ; and therefore there is an equity in that regard : We can fee an equity for our Salvation, and is therenor as much equity in the other r That wee fhould flandguilty of ir, though wee never aeled it : For as we are condemned by Adams fin, though not done by us, fo are we faved by C x R i s is Righ- teoufnefTe, though onely imputed to us. So that in equity the leyere righreoufncfle of the Law fhould be required of us, though wee have not power to fulfill ir. Now that we may not flay in Generals only, tel- ling you that the Law of G o D is holy, and pure, and you carnal', and contrary to ir, wewill come to particulars. And that we may helpe your memories, ob.ferve the breaches of this Law in the feverall fa- culties of the minde. And wee willbegin firff with the Generali: the generali fore over - fpreading all our nature, and that isit which the Divines call ori- +' original inee. ginall fanne ; firíl confider that, and fee how your D 3 nature