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4t SERM. II. ;. The ttn- tcachablenetq`e of it. Simile Ea Pier to per- (wade other things, than Divinity. 4. The incre- dulity of it. That the Nature of man is full of but they defire not to come to the knowledge of the Truth, and when they apply themfelves to it, they profit not by ir. Addeto this blindnefl'e the unteachablenefTe of the underflanding, the refiffance that is in it; for it is not a Pimple blindnefï'e, but a refrfiance ofthe Truth,and an unaptneffe to receive it. Now this is diflinEt from the fecond, which you may fee by this comparifon. The Aire is danke, but it is fit to receive light, if the Sunne call light into it; but the underflanding of a ! man is not fo, it is not fit to receive light-, but refills ir. hhilofophers were wont to fay, that the Soule, the Mimic of a man is Raja Tabula, that having no- thing written on ir, it is a Table of wax to any thing that is evill, and will receive a quicke imprefiion ;but a table of Flinn, of Adamant, to any thing that is good. Therefore the mighty G o D mull writeHis Law in our hearts, for we want that which is good, and are of our felves unreachable. And therefore this difadvantage wee have that preach the Gofpell, a= bove others.If an Afironomer comeand tell a coun- try -man, that a Starre were bigger than the earth, it would feeme a flrange pofition at the firfl hearing; but if he might have liberty to deale withhim,and to demonflrate his Grounds,he might make him to be . leeve it, and to fee reafon for it : Butwee cannot doe fo, we can only propound things to Faith, and there is not only a blindndTe in men, but an unteachable- neffe, and refrffance againfi the Truth. Addeto this the incredulitie of the underflanding, how unapt it is tobeleeve. in other things it is too eredulous,andapt to beleeve,and to be deceived with falfe