Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrighteou /ne ffe and ungodtine. felvts to chinke amine of them, that they need not to be fo exaEt : This is the nature of every man, and the cnmitie of the underftanding. And now my brethren, if the underftanding be thus bad,thinke it is no f mall matter ; if the light that is in thee be darkneffe, how great is that darkneflè The underftanding is that that muff guide thee, and when the Stcarne is out of order, when the Auriga, the Waggoner, is blinde, or amiffe, and fees not the right way,think what acafe you are in. But you will fay, this is Ignorance. But is not this of great confe- (uence te When a man is blinde,he knowes not whi. ther he goes, he is altogether a ftranger from the life of God : Tberefore,firft,let this humble you, labour to fee how your mindes are full of wickedneffe, and wririghreoutneffe. Secondly, let us come to the will, and you (hall finde that to be no Idle corrupt than the. underftan. ding; for the will takes every thing as the underftan- ding prefents it: and if the underfianding, the minde of a man be thus corrupted, the will mutt needs be corrupted. As a man that lookes thorow a coloured glaffe, every thing he fees. is coloured; or as a man that hath his Pallate pofle t with a vicious humour, every thing feemes bitter according to the humour : fo the will of man fees every thing thorow the un- derftanding, as we fee thorow a glaffe, but (Seeing) is not fo proper a word ro exprcffe it the underftan- dingtaftes things, it is as the 'pallatis to the (tomack, when it is out of order, it perverts the wayes`aced, it fees no fuch beauty, nor excellencie in them ; and the willdifpofes.of it felfeaccordingly.. Now you (hall 45 SERAI.I I s: The De ea. vedne(1s of the will.