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to rS i_'-- 'Set , :st The. Contents of I u D A s Repentance. DOCTRINE I, Ych as a mans life is; Tuch is his Name af- ter death. page 3 Reafon I. . : God:-bleffeth or curfeth man aecordin.k to his workes. , p.4 1 In regard of his Truth. ibid. 2 In regard of his Glory. ibid. Reafon IL Man appeareth like himfelfe: p.4 Reafon IIL: other men in the endfleak-txutb without envie er fearc. e L p Vf Not to be fecretly wlsked, lor. God is a publike rewarder. of aa. ibid. Vfe-II. To eleanfe the heart from finite by daily repentance, 'left finfbould rot the name. p.6 Vfe H L" To encenragegood nien,their ill reports ARll foone ,vanifh p. 7 .A3 To.