Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

The Contents. To difeourage wicked men, their good reports /hall not long la! i. P.7 Doc r. II. Sinfeemes fmall before it be committed, after, moli aile and hainges. Reafon I. Lufi blindes the eyes of our underfiairding. Reafon U. The Dived leffens the fin before committed, aggravates it afterward. ibid. Reafon III. God leaves a man to himfelfe. ibid. Good men,for fin fometimes ofGod,left to themfelves; i For increafe of Gods glory. p, i o 2 For awakening their confciences. ibid. The real n of infenfiblentie in gro fe fins. p. i i Vfe. To beware of the Divers fubtile temptations. ibid. Satan deceits to draw maninto fin, are; i Prom fe o f pleafare, profit, &c. p.13 s Hope of efcape, and going to heaven. p.14 3 Rape of leav* it when we w, p.1 5 4 Nterenefe to verrue. p.; 6 5 Proneneffe of Nature : ibid. 6 Turning away the thoughts of fomethingelfe.p i 7 1 7 Beginning 6y degrees. ibid. DOCT. P$ P. 9