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IuDA 3 épentanee. fore fhould not be done ; and folikewife for the o- ther affe &ions;all which when wee have done, let us looke on the ftraitneffe of the law, & the crooked - nes ofour lives, how fhort we come of doing that we fhould, & then fee what we have deferved for it. 2. This being done , let us comfort our felves with the Promifes of the Gofpel,for grace can never tru- ly be wrought,untill by the Gofpell we believe,hu- miliation cannot doe it:we muff therefore know that God is exceeding merciful more thá we can imagin, and lay hold upon his love in Chriff, by a true faith. Every man knowes that God is merciful!, but we are not fit for to receive his mercy. I anfwer;you know not what mercy is; It may be thou thinkeft,if thou hadit more repécance,or more humiliation, then thou wert fit for mercy; but art deceived, for the more thy heartis out of order, the fitter thou art for mercy ; for the greater thy fin hath bin the more wil his mercy be feene in the for - givenes thereof.Andtherfore never look what your finnes have been in time paft, but fee what your pur. pofe and rcfolution is for the time to come; and(wch is the hardeft thing ro do)labour to believe in Chrift for the pardon of thy fins and apply the promifes to thy felf,for afin is never foundly healed until we ap- ply the promifes;for unleffe we apply the promifes, we cannot truely delight in "God, and until! we doe truly delight in God we cannot hate'fìn, and thinke wel of God and goodneffe. And cherfore,toconclude all,let us here be exhorted to labour for faith above J al things which daily will incr-eafegrace in us. FINIS.