Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

tatiliiiiiiiiinlatiniONitinnti THE J SAINTS : i SPIITLL STRENGTH. ifi, E Excellently and Amply fet forth in three Dodrines drawne from . : ca ErHE s..3.16. : 7b h would A That et rr grant you, c. : 0.1. By the late Reverend and learned Preacher, 1OHN PltESTOTI, is .1. Dr. in Divinity,,Chaplaine in Ordinary to his 11, Ivlajef}y,Maffer of Emanuell C olledge in +6ì1! Cambridge, and fometimes Preacher ON1 of trncelnes-tnn. fl, 04 it*** g I Ott eis ***T,i** .v. LONDON, 410 Printed for Andrew Crooke. 1637 . to °'afitlitlitS443$86**66********** ;