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lialstriV. The Contents of the Saints Spirituali Strength. DOCTRINE I. Trengtb in the inward Mari if to be defired above all things, of every good cbrsflinn, page 66 A twofold flrength .r. {Naturall:Sr4perna-mind turaIi,j1renth Sp in body. Superrraturall flrength proceeds I. From the evill fpirit, to worke evill, ibid. a. From the ('anllifying Spirit, .10 doe good,. p.68 pirituall firengthconfifir in, I Bearing wrong patiently, Z 7briving tef.ikfAffidaians?.., u, 3 Beleeving againfl Reafon, The dcfçription of,Sp;rituallflrength. p. 69 of we ene e3t woslaillkaAa.ov,: . , a s:,,@.7° I. 0"f rat'e. ,m.n} OA°a1L3iq trat 2. of Relápre. ' , aa t ïbd. of weakene(fe, two degrees r 1.S0-