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The Contents. 3..Seafi,hle, in the ix and í$ellfonr. P. 71 2. bathe change of heart. i Generali, in afl p,orts of the f aie. P. 72 2 Particular, in fame parts wake, though gene- rally firong. ibid. ReaIons of che Doctrine. I. strength in the inward man fits to for many imploy- ments. ibid. REAS. II. f It brings molt comfort : for, r It makes as doe all things wth facility. It makes the flute healthy. 3 It bringseheerefulne(fe into the heart. 4 It brings plenty of all good to the Male. 5 it ffrengthens againfi temptations. P. 73 ibid. P. 74 ibid. ibid. To reprove f Bch as care not to get this ¡ iritnal f rength. P. 75 Let them confider, i The excellency of the inward man sting for great impleyments. p. 76 2 By it they are made like unto the Image ofGod.p.77 3By it they are in_ Honourable to God. abled to do thingsìProftable to men. 4 it is an immortal foule they labour for. p. 79 Differences between the natural'andJJirituallJirength: I. The