Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

G,n.3.z r. That the Nature of man is full. of nothing f oaner.,,, and when they are moved, they are exceedingapt to exceed, tranfcend theiriimits,for fuch is-the Cullenneffe,the. awkedncflê,and wayward_ neffe of our affe ions, either they are not aâive, not placed where they fhould be, or iftbey be placed as they ought tobe, they are ready to runne over, to over - love, and over- grieve, and over-joy. I fay, where we may love lawfully, and rejoyce lawfully, they are ready to exceed. If L.íhould come to particulars, you limbic' finde how exceedingly they are out of order.. Cometo love ànd hatred; wee little thinke wee hate what is good, and love fin; come and tell any man fo much, he will not beleeve it,but examine it a little.Doe not you hate holíneffe in others t You will fay, No, we hate no man for his Goodnefl'e: But confder,the na- ture of man doth fo, every unregenerate man doth fo. David tugs hated for that cafe. And Cain hated hie brother,hecau fe his workes were good. And óe1,3. The Enmity between the Seed of the Woman, and the fled of the Serpent r Whence comes it, but from the holineffe of the one, and the wickedneffe of the o= ther r Looke to our aáions, and you fhall finde wee doe not hate fin, we doe not hate our lufts, for if we _did, we fhould not be angry with them, that fpeake cviii of them ; if wee hated thefe things, wee fbóuld like them that fpeakeagainft them,but we be enemies to chofe that beenemies to them,and friends to thole that be friends to them. Doe we not lodge them t Doe wee not feed themwith the things they dcfire e. They can ask nothing,burthey have-it. Godly men hate their finnes, though they be carried away with p = °fenr