Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrighteou /ne ffe and ungodline f . 6t prefent objeas, but a wicked man loves the lull it SER. I I I. felfc; he can fay, I could with I were free from this lull, from the vexation it puts me to, but for all this he is not angry, hee may indeed be angry with it, as with a friend, when hcc bath done force unkinde' Turne,but he hates it not,for if he hated it,he would l not be at peace with it againe, for hatred is implaca. Ì ble. Againe, if a man hates, bee hates all the kinde : Hatred ofall But why doeft thou love one more than another a the kìnde. If thou didit hate any one, becaufe it is-a fin, becaufe it isa rebellion againfl God,thou wouldeft love none: As the lambe hates all wolves. Againe, ifthou ha- Hlnedlabouts tefl them, why wilt not thou labour to have them the dettru Lion utterly deflroyed e Why wilt thou cherifh them a of a thing. littler Where hatred is, it will have the thing hated utterly taken away, as if there were no fuch thing 3 and that !hall belaboured for, not remiffely, but we will put our flrength to it, and doe it with all our might, and in good earnefl. But feeing we doe nor thus, it appeareswe hate goodncíthe, and love fin. It is true, we are ready to lay it on other things, and to fay, The infirmities of the Saints, which we fe, we hate, but their goodneffc we love, if it be every way right. But let mec aske you a-queftion ; Did'ft thou love them for their holineffe, wouldefl not thou ra- ther labour to cover their infirmities, grieving for them e Doe you not fo out of love e Then your hearts are deceived, when you thinke you hate the infirmities, and not the goodneffe in them, you hate the goodneffe it íelfe ; and this is the nature of every man before Regeneration. Befides there of Love and Hatred, looke to your Corruption in Delight, our delight.