Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrghteou/nef and ungodline . of; wethinke it is but a paf ion, a trifle, and it is not fo great a matter to be in pailion. Yes,my beloved, it is a great matter to have pallions; there pafïions (hall condemne us, if they be notmortified, if you kill them not, they will be your death : whofoever is in CHRIST bath crucifiedthefe. Agaitìe, confider that affeCtions are the Principles of Aélions,therefore it is not fo light a matter to erre in your affections, for they will caufe errour in your anions. Confider that your effimation is taken by your affeCtions, according tothem you are laid to be good or evill. Therefore an holy man is defcribed to bee one that loves G o D, feares'G o D, delights inHis Commandements, fo as it is no flight matter to be diflempered in your affections; and know this, if it be no more than luft, you know what Chrifl faith of that; He that looketh on a woman to luft after her, bath committedadultery already with berin his heart. Now if luft breakes the match in the mariage of men,thefe inordinate affeáions,there whorifh affeáions, thefe adulterous affelions will break the mariage between G o D and us. Affecîions are placed in us for this purpofe, to draw nearer to G o D,but we mifplacing them, and letting themon the Creature, they draw us further from G o D. Againe, when they be thus diftempered, they grow hindrances: as the ifraelites could not pray for the anguifh of their hearts; and S. Peters feare made him to deny C R R a s'r. So that this diflemper.of of our Aff. ions, as well as the diforder of the reft of the faculties, Both Phew the truth of this point; That 63 SERU.til. Men esteemed of God by there Aeaions. 1