Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

64 SER.III. t. Aftuall fins. t.In thoughts I The impor. tance of thoughts. That the Nature of man is full of That ,the Nature of man is full of all unrighteoufneffe and ungodlineffe. And fo much (hall ferve to (hew the corruption of Nature by the faculties. Now this is not all; there are betides thefe aetuall finnes, whereby likewife this Truth will bee made manifat. And there are of three forts, that is, in Thought, in Word, in Allion; for they be all a &ual! fins,though inwardly they be the Ads of the minde. Eirf}, let us fee it by the Thoughts, and you (hail fee in them this great corruption of Nature, and the great caufe you have to bee humbled, and it is that that fhould amaze us, we (hall finde in us abundance of idle Thoughts, and wicked Thoughts, which like a (bower of raine,ou cannot number for mul- titude. If a man fhould write downe all the Thoughts that paffe thorow his minde in one day, and obferve their little dependance one upon another,fo vaine are they, and fo foolifh, when bee comes to reade them at night, he will thinke he was halfe out of his -wits, and be amazed at himfelfe. And thinke not this a fmall matter, for Thoughts are the firft contrivers, the firt plotters of good, and eviil, and therefore are of more moment than that which immediately atas it. Againe, are not they things which we fhould en. tertaine G o n with a He comes and dwels.with us, fle fups with us, we arc Temples where G o n in- habits. Now if we are to entertaine a great Prince, if wee never fpeake to him, but fpend our time with idle companions, will not bee thinke himfelfe much injured a And will not God thinke fo, when wee be- flow ...m. .,