Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrighteoufne /Je and ungodlinej. 65 flow the Thoughts in vain things, which fhould be S E R. I i I. occupied about him Againe,confider,Thoughts are other things than 3 men reckon them, for it may be faid of every Chri f}ian, he is a Garden wherein God walkes, wherein He eats. His honey with His milke. God would have fruit of the Trees which He bath planted in us; now our Thoughts are the fruit of the bell Tree, the Vn- derfianding: Ghrif%was angry with the Tree that -bare no fruit :And comming to mans underfianding,that fhould be ful of good thoughts,and finding nothing butloofe,empty,thoughts, what will he think of it e Wee doe not give a due efieeme to Thoughts, and that is the reafon we give fuck Liberty to them, that we are not more humbled for them; for Thoughts are thewater wherewith is driven the wheele of bu- fineffes, and why doe wee let fo much water runne befide the Mill e That is, they are the things wee fhould occupie in everything wee doe, they are pre - cious. And as Ef y faith of a clufier of grapes, De- Jiroy it Not , for there is a bleßing in it : So your Thoughts, which you fo little account of, have a bleffing in them ;then whydoe you make fuch wafic of them, as if they were of little worths Confider, it is no fmall thing to anger God with 4 your Thoughts, they being the fame to God, that words and aûions ( the Interpreters of Thoughts) are to men;. God fees them without any Intelpretet,` as men beam and fee words and adlions. Therefore, it was faid to Simon c atagus, Pray to God, f perhaps the Thought of thy heart may bee forgiven thee. If i thou feeit a Chriltian inpoverty, and defpifell him for