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The Contents of PAVLS Convert-ion. O thing can dejeöl a fanner fo much as the fearefull power of Ged. p. i o 8 Three things caufi an eon i/hment: Suddenne(Je Greatne/f i . of evil. p. s 8 i Inevitableneffe DOCTRINE I. Fie that will receive Chriflor the Gofpell,muJl firfl bee humbled. p. 18 2 Humiliation, how tia call'd in Scripture. z. Pricking ofthe heart. ibid. 2. Poverty in Spirit. p.1 3 3 3. fl melting heart. ibid. 4. v1 trembling at the Word. p. t 84 Humiliation o f necefity to falvation, beau fewithout it men keepe Backe from Chrifi Two hinderances that keepe men from Chrift : z. Ynbeli}fe. p.187 2. Neg-