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t----- $ ( That the Nature of man is full of ploycd them amiffe, a little rudder turnes the whole SERAl t 1.T ShiNe. meaning is, it is very efleâuall: and there. I fore, I fay, if there be fuch efficacie in therr,,confider of how great moment they are, when you ufe your tongues amifle, to corrupt fpeakirg, to lying, dif fembling ,flindering,back- biting,thinke it not a mat- ter of (mall moment, it is a fi; e; and if r he State pro, vides death for them that fet barnes, and houfcs on fire, what puuiíhment (hall they be worthy of; that fir the foules of men on fire, the Temples where Go n dwelst Anç'.t isthctonguesofinendoe;h. nemin okgeflamm, xce carry fire in our mouches. Take heed left wec ludic fuch a fire in the brefis of others, as wee flr 11 never live to quench againe, and fo kindle the firef Cod's wrath,which fhall fmoake ro our deftruaion. Thus by your words, lcarne to know the finfulnefTe of your natures. To our Atli- Laftiy,fèe it by your ATíions. Now fins in aetions. O °s° are of two forts, either fins of Commiffion,and here you are to goe backe and confider what fins you have committed,whether drunkenneffe,uncleanenefle,in- ordinate affeCìions, or injuries to men, what provo- cations or rebellions againft G o n, and when you fee them, looks on the number of them, and on the greatneflc of them: Confider their circumftances, and among the reif, the frc quencie ofthrm, your re- !apfes into them; and that will make you with Da- Pfat.s 9, r a. vid, Pfal. r 9. to cry out, Lord, who can underhand his faults ? But wee will not ftand on this, becaufe it obvious,every man knowes that afions arc fi.ns`: we z S&nnes of : will come to the fecond fort." Omiffi.m. And that is fins of Ominion; whith we are ready. x Ví Acts. to