Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

17---<- all unrighteoufne fie and ungodlineffe. to flight and forget as no great matters; but they are other things than we take them robe, nothing bath more cause to humble us than they ; I fay, the fins of omifïion, the ba renneffe and uniruitfùlneffe of our lives may humble us, as well as the rebellions and ftnfulncfie of them. Wee will t unne thorow them. As fiat to be idle on the Sabbath- day,is a finne of Omiffion, and pro- vokes G o D to anger, as w ' bllutin it, and breaking it with pofitive A =< z rg ining of Prayer, to neglea it, to Eh , ` to` erforme it flighily ( for G o D take , er. weight, and not by number,) this is n ®. let rtr- Againe, to ncglet the hearing oft d, to ncglea the Sacraments (a fault wee ha f ` °,ouf to be bla- med for in this place) an a i ve often bane admonifhed to, h. bef `ch yo ..`carne by our they areeAádmonitions of God; kt them, I fay, learns that arc: guilty of ir. So Com- munion of Saints is a thin s.wee thinks not. of : But Hcb. r O. a 5. You that' fee what a matter it was to negleéì that Ordinance: So raging and Prayer wee thinks are not required at our hands, and if nothing but the.,ncglct of that were laid to our charge, it were nothing. But fee what that is, when the time is that G o D cals for it, I fay, the very omiflîon of that when G D cals for ir, is a fin, faith the Pro. phet., which (hall never l c purged away by facrifice, but íhall remains to death. Betides rhde omiffions of Aas come to the o. miffion of Graces, I meane the want of them, as the want of Love to JESUS CH a r ,s T. Yet who ,1 F 3 confeffes