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all unrighteou /ne fie and ungodline f ' I E sus C H x is r,andfnne againft the Gofpell, and are not ready to receive it, you take His Name in vaine in the highcft degree, and Hee will not hold him 5 riltlefle that taketh His Name in vaine, at all. Now G o D's Name being in His Sonne molt re- vealed, take heed of taking it in vaine, 2 Cor. á. r. 1 acor.G.z; belied) you, take nor the Grace of G o D in vain : It is a greate r matter than you thinke it to be, that when G o D !hall offer C a R z s r, (hall propound to marry His Sonne to yoi you fhould refufe Him ; confider the fume and be humbled. And by this is kale the corruption of ou ratûre, and this Mould humble us more than any ne'committed againft the Law. And thus much (hall fern to make plaine the point in all the parts of it3 47'hatihie Nature of man is full of all unrighteoufneffo, and ungádlinef . Now to make ufe ofir. And firft, if this be the vfeÄ Condition of all men by Nature, then he that fees The ignotance not this, hee that is not perfwaded of it,heis decei- of thofe that ved, is an unskilful! an i norant man he bath know not the ' , not corruption of yet his wit exercifed to diferne betweene good and mill. nature. And let him fo reckon of himfelfe. If this be the Condition of every man by nature, and yet G o D bath not opened the window for him to fee it,andto (land amazed at it; he is, I fay, an unskilfuU man, he is not yet enlightned, the true light hath not yet bi_ ncd unto him. For when G o D enlightens a man truly, it workes fuch an alteration as Ms in them, in Adis 2. that were pricked at their hearts and were ama- Alts :. 37. zed, at that, which before, being its other men, they faly net. 73 =-- SER.III. So