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That the Nature of man is full of compared together, That if they that fin againf Mo hr's Law are condemned, how much forer pumfiment hall they be worthy o f,that breake the Lam of CH R i sr that beleeve not the Gofpell ? It exceeds the fia againfi the other. 3 Againe confider, is it a (mall thing to caufc the bloud of I E s u S CH R I S T robe fhed in vaine,ro trample it under foor, and to count it a common thing e t fo Both every man that neglects it, that heark to it,, tl'i , not ready to receive ir, that is, n 4t a ore and fo doth not hunger and thirft . P Again fide the chicle Command, and the breach of the Command must needs be the greatekfine n the Difciples asked Chr fl what was the -. in -ate Commandement, Hee Laid, This is the gi ft ofd? to beleeve on Flim whom the z I o h n ;. s3. Father hath f nt. "So I ?oh;3. a 3.Thrs i s His Comman- dement, that we f h o u l d gel eve in the Name Of I E S L I S C H R I S T. Againe, the Gofpell is the uttermoft, the Law makes way for the Gofpell, therefore the fentence and condemnation of the Gofpell is peremptory, and terrible, and nothing beyond it. Againe, confider, G o D was angry for thecon- tempt ofthis,you (hall not finde in all the Scriptures any thing that angers Him fo much; with them that were invited, and would not come Hee was angry, P[al.2, It. and commanded them to be flaine. So Pfal. 2. ult.< Kiffe the Sonne left He be angry : The contemning of this condcmnes a man molt of all to wrath. Laft of all, confider, that when you ncgle& IE sus