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all unrighteou/ne ffe and ungodline /. 75 complaining of himfelfe. And what is the rea(on r SER. I I I. It was becaufe a veine ofcleare light (hone into his heart. Others have but a common Illumination, and there is a great difference betweene a bright beame that fhewes the fmalleít mote, and common light. Another may have light to fee great def car. mtaes,but not to fee motes: thou mayft havea com- mon light, and mayeft carry it to hell, for it is no better than darkne(fe. Therefore know, that if thó 1 haft not in force meafure been perfwaded of all theft Truthes, the rightcoufneffe of C H R r s T is not yet revealed to thee; for this is Go D'S method, heft Hee reveales His wrath againft .0 nrighteoufnc(ie of men, and then did covers the rightoufnt fT of chip by faith. And if this be not done, if thou art not throtsghly humbled , fo that G o r hath opened a crevife of ligi it to fee this corruption of Nature, fó as to abhorre it in thy felfe, and to beevilein thine ovine eyes, to be much humbled for it, not to hang downe thine head for a day, but to take it to heart in another manner, I conclude, thou art not a man,err- lightned, thou art an unskilfull,an ignorant than, and you know what condition that puts a man into. Secondly,if mens natures be thus full of Corrup- Yfe 2. Lion, even the Saints themfelves, then godly men To price may make this ufe of it, to learne to prife Is sus cnrat more. C H R a s T : Doe you make this ufe of the Table we have drawne for you to looke into, and to fee the multitude of your fins, and the Corruptions of your i natures, to learne to prife I s sus CH R I S T IFor you mu(t take this for a rule, no man will ever know the length,and breadth, and depth of G o ID s mercyi