Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

SEß.III. That the Nature of man is full of mercy in I a s u s C H R r s r, and His love there- in, unlefle he firft know the l ngth, and breadth, and depth of his finne, and this ufe you muff make of all thefe explications. To fee the greatneffe of finne is of much ufe to the Saints, that they may know how much they are beholden to G o D; you will never fee how G o D's. Grace bath abounded towards you,ifyou.doe not fee how your finncs have aboun- ded towards G.o D: Labour to fee ir, that you may love much, becaufe much is forgiven you, that you may prife C H R r s r , much, and be brought much more into love with Him. That ufe the Saints fhould make of it, and it will bee profitable. And they that receive the Sacrament fhould fpccially con- fider of it.. When they came to the Pafl'eover, one of the chiefs things they were dirt f ed to doe in that Cere- mony, was to remember their bondage. Againe, looke on the concomitants of the Paffe_ over; their fowreherbes, their going inhafte, their n. their hand. Againe, the paffeovcr it lc Ifs ; their fprinkling of bloud on the doore - polies,, all was to put them in miede of their milery, and ;heir deliverance, which was the onely way to magnifie His mercie. So in this fpiriruall freedoms, remember your bondage,thefinnes you have comm itted,your Con- dition by nature, that you may-learocto magnifie your freedome by C H R i s T, and give G o D the prife of ir, to magnifie and love Him, with all yourheart, andfircngth : The more you doe this, the more it will enlarge your hearts, to, know the love