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lil78 1 That the Nature of man is full of SERA II. s Iohn;. ao. bee is finftall, fo hee is fecure, hee confiders not his firms. Therefore, to all that I have f ;id, you mull adde fomething of your owne ; what I have Paid, is no more able to thew you the times you are fubjed to, . than a littleMappe is to (hew you the whole world, it loth but point to the firms you are fubjea to, as a point in the niargent. The way to make it profita- ble, is to goe home to your owne hearts, to confider tilde things particularly , to fee how your minde, your Confcience, Will, and Memory is out of or- der,to confider how you have offended in thoughts, in words, and in anions, by fumes of Omiffion, and of Commiffion; and by that meanes you (hall reade your Natures in your hearts, and make what I have Paid profitable to you. And doe not thinke you may goe too farre. Doe not ,hinkc we wrong your na- ture, in faying it is more guiltie than it is ; for we doe not fo: I may boldly fay this, Take that man that thinkes worft of himfelte, he is work than he thinks himfelfe to be; and that I may not fpeake without Ground, looke upon the firll Epifle of Saint John, the third Chapter and the twentieth verfe, If our Con f èience condemne us, G o D is greater than our Confcience, and knoives all things : That is, the Con - + fcicnce of man hash force light, but what is it to the eye of G o D r To the light that is in Him ? And fo much as His light is greater than ours, fo much more Hee fer s what is amiffe in us. The heart, faith Ieremie, is deceitfull above all things, who can know it ? There is a depth of evill in the heart, w4ichno man can fearch,, it is;deceitfuUU,: and puts talk