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all unrighteou/neffe and ungodlince. love of C a a z s T, which paffeth knowledge. Of many wayes to know which, this is one, and a Principali One, even to know the greataefîeof your finites. The third and chicle ufe of all the ten is this: This Corruption of Nature this abundance of Cor- ruption which bath beene fhewed to you, fhould drive us to Chrifi. And that is our end, we doe not preach damnati- on, our end is Salvation.. Therefore wewould have men to know their condition, to know that they be in fate of death. For that, that keepes men from comming to C n R I S T, and the reafon that fo . few arc faved, that fo few take the Gofpell, is, they are not poore in fpirir. And why are they not fo Becaufe they fee not their finnes: And for this caufe wee have beene thus long in opening this point; that you may knowyour felves.. And this I dare fay, If you did know your felves, if God had kindled a light within, whereby to fee your Corruptions, you would not {land cheapning: the Kingdome of heaven as you doe; you come now in a lame, and remifí'e manner, but you would then come and-give all that you have for it, and goe aw:y rejoycing, and thinke you have a good bargaine. God fliould not then dery you, you would wry- file with Him, as .racoó did, and give Him no ref} till you have obtained a bleflng. This would a- waken men out of their dead fkepe of fccuriiy, as that is the condition of every man by nature_ as bee 77 SERAIL Yfi 3. T o drive us to Chcift. objea. vsnfiv.