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I) T. 'loll. 5. 14. Aritcithis is the a uraylce -n)hich ¡,atte in him, that if Toe cake any thing accor.- din to his willahee heareth v.r. He (cope ofthe holy ApofUle in this chapter,¡s to fet fqrth . forne of thole 'pri- viledges wee haue by Iefis Chrift. One mine prime which is the greateft of all the raft) is, that through him we haue eternall life; And therefore(faith he) know this, that when you haue theSonne ,once,you haue life: in z ver. He that hash the senne bath life,andhe that bath not the Some kath not life. Therefore (faith hee) haue' I written this Epifilc to you for this purpofe, that you might confider well what gaine you haue by Chrifl lefts: Thep things haue d written, ( faith hee) in the versesbefore this that I haue read vnto you , to you that beleeue in the name of the Sonne 9fGod,that you may know thatyou haue eter- nail life: After this hee names another great $ pri-