Preston - BV824 P73 1631

2 The firft Sermon 3 priviledge, that we hate by Chrift; which is this, mentioned in this verfe, that I haue now read vnro you: This (faithhe)is inhim: This 4ffurance, that whatfoever wee puke according to his will, heeheareth vs: For that is the fecond great priviledgewe haueby Chrift,we Mall be heard in all our requefts: it is nomore but aske and haue, put vp what petitionyou will,ifyou be in Chrift once,you haue this affurance,that bee heareth you : but hee delivers it with this condition, youmuff firft bein him: Wee haue this affiirance inhim(faith he) that ill' wee4tske any thing, according to his will, he hearethvs. So that you fee, here are twoplaine points lying evi- dentlyiinfwe vs. s i That except amanbe inChrift. hee muft not, hee ought not apply to himfelfe any of thefe fpirituall priviledges, that wee haue by him: if webe in Chrifl, this and all other are ours; if you bein- Chrift (faith hee) then you haue that affurance, for we haue that affurance in him. The fecond point that theverfe af- fords vs,is, 2 2 That whatfoever is inChrift, whatfoever he askes he ¡hall haue it. Nowmy full intenti- on was , only to haue handled that which is mainly aimed at in thisverfefor theother you fee is more touched by theway,)which is this great priviledge thatbelongs to all Chriftians, that whatfoever they aske inprayer according to thewill ofGod , they fhall beheard in it: But