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I) T. 'loll. 5. 14. Aritcithis is the a uraylce -n)hich ¡,atte in him, that if Toe cake any thing accor.- din to his willahee heareth v.r. He (cope ofthe holy ApofUle in this chapter,¡s to fet fqrth . forne of thole 'pri- viledges wee haue by Iefis Chrift. One mine prime which is the greateft of all the raft) is, that through him we haue eternall life; And therefore(faith he) know this, that when you haue theSonne ,once,you haue life: in z ver. He that hash the senne bath life,andhe that bath not the Some kath not life. Therefore (faith hee) haue' I written this Epifilc to you for this purpofe, that you might confider well what gaine you haue by Chrifl lefts: Thep things haue d written, ( faith hee) in the versesbefore this that I haue read vnto you , to you that beleeue in the name of the Sonne 9fGod,that you may know thatyou haue eter- nail life: After this hee names another great $ pri-

2 The firft Sermon 3 priviledge, that we hate by Chrift; which is this, mentioned in this verfe, that I haue now read vnro you: This (faithhe)is inhim: This 4ffurance, that whatfoever wee puke according to his will, heeheareth vs: For that is the fecond great priviledgewe haueby Chrift,we Mall be heard in all our requefts: it is nomore but aske and haue, put vp what petitionyou will,ifyou be in Chrift once,you haue this affurance,that bee heareth you : but hee delivers it with this condition, youmuff firft bein him: Wee haue this affiirance inhim(faith he) that ill' wee4tske any thing, according to his will, he hearethvs. So that you fee, here are twoplaine points lying evi- dentlyiinfwe vs. s i That except amanbe inChrift. hee muft not, hee ought not apply to himfelfe any of thefe fpirituall priviledges, that wee haue by him: if webe in Chrifl, this and all other are ours; if you bein- Chrift (faith hee) then you haue that affurance, for we haue that affurance in him. The fecond point that theverfe af- fords vs,is, 2 2 That whatfoever is inChrift, whatfoever he askes he ¡hall haue it. Nowmy full intenti- on was , only to haue handled that which is mainly aimed at in thisverfefor theother you fee is more touched by theway,)which is this great priviledge thatbelongs to all Chriftians, that whatfoever they aske inprayer according to thewill ofGod , they fhall beheard in it: But

on the Sacrament. But becaufe t vnderttd you had a Sacrament appointed for this day , I haue altered a link that courfe;thehearingofthat bath fomewhat diverted mec, and caufed me at this time to pitch vpon the other point which I named to you, that except a man be inChrìft,hee ought not to apply any priviledge to himfelfe,if hee: be, I fay, all belongs tohim. Whenyou come /to receiue the Sacrament, it is a very great pri- ,viledge to come to mediewith thole holy my- ;fferies, tohaue thófe Symbolesgiven to you of the loue and favour ofGod in Chriff; but yet you mutt remember this, that except you be in Chriff , you haue nothing to doe with him , and therefore it is a fitte an4.neceh`àry point for this feafon : for when the Apoftle wouldgiuedireáions to the Corinth . what. they fhould doe, to prepare themfelues to ,the Sa- crament, that theymay be worthy receivers; hee giues it in this fhort precept : Let .every m.,in (faith hee) examine hirefelfe, and .fè let him cate this breadanddrinke this cup. Nowwhat is a man to examine himfelfe of furely all that come to the Lords Table , are to examine themfelues concerning thefe two things: z Whether he be in Chriff,and fowhether he bath any right at all to come neere to him in that holy ordinance. 2 Though hebe in Chriff,yet he mutt exa- mine himfelfe , whether hee be particularly prepared, quickned, and fitted, whether his B 2 heart. 2

loirriswirreneedialmrow 4 The firft Sermon heart be put into fucha of grace,whe- ther it be fo, fafhioiied as it ought,when hee comes to the immediate performance of fuch a duty as that is, Now becaufe I handle this point, but onely for this parti- cular occafion , I- will not enter into filch a manner of handlingofit as.I was wont todoe at other times,but only take vp fomach. ofit as may fettle for theprefent occafion; Therefore when I fay this to you. That except aman bee inChrift , he ought not to take any priyiledge to vve will doe thefe z things ; r Ex- boa every man to confider whether hee be in Chrift: for that is the prefent qucftion which any mans heart would aske, whenhee beares this propounded. Why thenfall the privi- ledges be fufpended vpon my`16eing in Chrifl, my maine bufinef e is toexamine that,whether I be in Chrift or no 2 Secondly if a mars be in Chrifl. xt he maybe fufpendedb Tome in- terveniak finne, and fome intervefpofi- tionof minde, & heart,that maygrow on him, . from injoying, & fromhaving the prefent fruit and - benefit, of that priviledge that belongsto him; Therefore I fay , firft wee will doe this., glue you rules to examine your felues whether you be in Chrift or no It is veryvfefull toall that now are to receiue, or at any other time; its vfefull you know too, notonly vpon fuch anoccafìonas this, but vpon all occafions, and therefore a point , though peculiarly belon. ging.

on the Sacrament. 5 ding to this time being taken vp for theprepa- ration for the Sacrament, yet I fay is vfefull to all,and therefore we may the moreboldly ven- ture upon ir, and you ought to attend it more diligently: I will giueyou but thefe twomaine notes or rulesby which you (hall try it. Who- foevet is inChrift there muff paffe a doublead: one onour part, another on Chrifls part,, y beloved is mine,.and ton his, we take Chrift and Chrifl takesys;wherefoevcr you find thefe two ads, fuch a man is in Chrift: Theremull be an adon our part,. fomethingthe heart and mind ofa man mull doe to take and receiuc Chrif}, Secondly the Lord fends and puts forth foixie- thingofhis, anad of his, he doth put forth an ad ofthe Holy spirit,_ whereby he compre- hends vs, and takes vs. Now ifthou finde in thy felfe thefe two that the heart bath exe'rci- fed that at oftaking the Lord Iefus; Secondly thathe bath. Pent forth .a vertue &put forth an ad.ofhis to take thee , & tocomprehend thee; then certainly thouart in Chrifl,and if it be fo, all the priviledges-belong to thee, ifnot, thou haft nothing to doe with this holy. Sacrament. Now for that adwhich is onour part, it is but this, you mutt confider thefe things. r Whether you makeChrift your chiefeft Excellency. 2 Whether you make him your chiefeft Treafirre: 3 Whether youMake him your chiefeft lay B3 and

4 S I 6 The firfi Sermon andDelight. q. Your chiefefl Refuge towhomyour hearts retireon all occafions. 5 Whether you fet him vp in your heàrts for the chiefefl Commander. MyBeloved, ifyou finde all this done by you, then out ofdoubt, Chrifi belongs to you; Theyare all feverall, but they meet in one cent , and (erne together to make vp oneruleoftriall to you, toknowwhether you haue tooke Chrifi to you or no and I will han die them all difiinóly as I haue named them vnto you. I Therefore confider whether Chri fi be thy chiefefi Excellency; for it is naturali to every man to feeke force excellency or other. Indeed beafis, fo they mayhaue that which is necefla- ry for the life ofnature& fervice, it is enough for thern;and it maybe it is enough for all bru- tifhmen , whofe foules areburied in their bo - dyes that but fepulchres of men, in whom that s ofexcellency which is rationall, that belongs to a man, is quenched in fenfuali- ty ; And thefe men it may be feeke no excel- lency at all, but foe theymay liue in pleafures, fo they may haue that which belongs to their bodies, and to this prefent life itis enough for them. But of a man that bath any thingofa man in him, as he is a man, fo aman i fay con - fdered in thefe higher parts of his foule, his mindandhis rvill; he feekes another excellency futable

on the Sacrament. 7 futabl to this part: he ahigher, a more t`;á more fpiritualf, immateriali fub- fiance, fuch as the foule is, andaccording as mens mindes are ofdivers fafhions, toa man is in awayof feekeing feverall excellencies, for himfelfeyea according to their different ages; Children delight in childifh things, and fodoe men likewife, from whom this childifhnes is worne, but I fay , to their feverall fafhion and vnderftanding , fo, they feekea feverall excel- lency,fome feeke learning and knowledge and to beexcellent in their profeffion , and that is the excellency that Tome would haue. Some feeke great places of authority and com- mand,: & iftheyhad their with, that is the ex. cëllency that they would haue ; Some feeke favour ofthe Prince : Some tohaue a great e- flare, that menmay fay , he is worth fo much, hehath filchLordfhips, and fuch fairehoules, and lands belonging to him, ifheehad the ex- cellency he defìres, that he would haue. Every man in his owne kinde, according as wens vn- derflandings are ftronger, according to their different educations as it hath beene more no- ble, and ingenious , according to the feverall companyes that theykeepe, where they finde fuch and fuch things magnified; according to the feverall ages they liue in As we fay,fome- thing is in requefl in one age, in one company, fomething in another ; I fay according to the feverall occafions , fo every man feckes a feve- rall

The firfi Sermon rail excellency to himfelfe.. Now .confider what is the excellency thy heart defìres, aboue all things eis., whether it bee Iefus Chrifi., to .bee in hire , to excel! in grace, to haue a new draught of Gods Image tobee made in thy . foule, or whether fome fuch thing as I'hauena med; Confider what is the proper vertue thou wouldeft haue thy foule toexcell in, for there are feverall vertues,every thing hath fome ver- tue or other which is proper to it, as the vertue ofaknife is tocut well, & thevertucof a horfe to goe well, and thevertue ofa fouldier is to fight well, and the vertue ofa Chriftian to bea holyman, tobe holy, grations, andvnblame- able in his converfation. Now what is the proper excellency thy heart aymes at , what "is that thou efteemeft thyvertue,that ifthouwert putto thy choyfe that thou mighteft haue a withgranted thee; whether thouwouldeft &- fire this, to excel! ingrace andholynes,tohaue thy finfull lufts mortifycd , tohaue thy heart ut into a holy frame of grace : or whether, if thou wouldeft deale impartially with thy felfe) -is it not fotne other excellency that thy kart runnel vpon that thy thoughtsand aftc. &ions are moft fet vpon? Confider when thou looke vponothers, what feemes molt graci- ous:in thy fight;bywhat thoudoeft moltvalue the excellency ofanother.ran ist it is likely thou fo efteemeft thy felfe alfo: Cófider there- fore I fay what thou meafureft thy felfeby A man 41._ S )

on the Sacrament. man that is in Chrift,fets fomuch byhimfelfe, and by everyman as he is in Godsbook, and as you fee,men are rated , and their wealthe- fteeined according as they are in the Kings bookes. See what thy heart faith to this,whe- ther thou fctteff fo much by thy.felfe, I fay, and by every manels , as he is in Gods favour, as hebath theeminencyofgrace and bolines aboveothers , or wherher it be fomething els by which thou rateft thy felfe &others: Con - fider what is that outward Badge, that livery, that Cognizancetlou delreff to weare,which thouwouldeft boaff ofamong men: you fhall fee it inPaul, (faith he) when I come amongft you I doe not regard theexcellencyofnaturall wifdome , I carenot to come with that : The time was when I prized ir, as you prize it now, but now (faith bee) it is another excellency which I lecke , which I defìre to weare (as it were) when I come amongff-you;ro preach the gofpell ( faith -hee) I care for nothing cis., I care not to be thought of toknow. lien Chriff crucifyed: Confider with thy é what thou wouldeft haue molt eminent in th _ e, in the eyes and Bares ofmen , that which thou wouldeff weare in the view of all the world; whether it bee the liveryof Chriff,to profeífe the feare ofGod,to excell in grace and holynes though the world difgt ce thee,def- pife thee andhate thee, for iis,`tt thy heart delires? Its a figne thou feekeft Chriff for C thy

ThePit Sermon thy excellency. Confider likewife what it is that thou efteemeft thy chiefeft wifdore, for it is the difpofition ofinen before they be in Chrift, before they haue experienceofthe wá,ies ofGod,before they be regenerate,when they looke vpon thofe wayes in others,they reckon them folly,they are foolifhnes toevery natural man:but when they areonce inChrift, then they arewildome vnto him, that is, bee reckons him the wife(' man that excels moft in thofe foolifhcourfes, as beforehee reckoned them;it is the Lords expref on Dea. 4.6. This cut 4.E' (hallbeyour tvi(dome before allpeople, to keepe my Lanes and Commmndemens.Confìdernow what is that thou reckoned' thy chiefeft wifedome, beforeall people, whether thou thinkeft, that which before thou thinkedfi folly& weaknes, and had'ft a difpofition in thy heart to con - temne and Borne, whether thou fetteft it at a higher price, and doff in truth thinke it thy wifdome, and art willing that all theworld fhould know that thou thinkeft fa: Thus you (hall finde that you makeChrift yourexcellen- cie,(that is) whether you inyour hearts(feing every man defires force or other) whether thy heart goe this wayor no,to.feek a vertue in the excellencie of Ieáfus Chrift, and fo flew them forth to others,that thoumay'ff bea Chriftian, that thou mayft be found in him , that thou may ft be able to fay as Paul faid , I reckon all other things as droffe, as bate and.vile things, onely

on the Sacramento onely to be found in Chrift, tobe cloathed in his righteoufneffe, toexcell in the graces of his Cpirìt , that onely I prizeas molt excellent, and mot} worthy :And this is the firft. z Secondl;T, confider what is thy chiefeft Trey . rc, foryou fee, hee that had gotten the eld,he gaue all that hehad for it, and went a- way rejoycing, for hee reckoned it his greateft treafure, and worthall the refl. It is certaine, whofoever hath taken Chrift, doth foefleeme ofhim, bee reckons him to be his chiefe trea- fure. You will fay , How Ihall I know it :' Why,confider what men dowith their trea- fure,for it is certaine(as J Paid before, ofexcel- lencie, foe)every man hath force treafureor o- ther3The pooreft man that is, bath a treafiare, Tome thing that hee e(leemes of, which hee makes account of.I askenot what thou art pof- fell of, but what thoumolt efteemefie: for trea- lures are as they are moil elteemed of. As wee fay of jewels,the worth ofthem are according to mens fanciek,_asFording as they are eftemed, fo every man a treafure; One makes this thinghis treafure,an other that. Now (I fay) confider what thou makeft thy treafùre, and you (hall knowwhat your treafure is,by there markes. i A man layes vp his treafure in the fafeft place .Then ifChrift be thy treafure, thou wilt layhim vp in the innermoft parts ofthy heart, Cz hee

12 The f ìrj1 Sermon he fhall not d well in thy tongue,he 'hall be laid vp in the clofet ofthyheart, he (hall not dwell in thy oardman, in thy vnderítanding on- ly, but hee (hall be laid vp in thy inward part; (that is) he (ball be pitched vpon thevery bot- tome of thyhearr,and there hee íhall reft,there thouwilt entertaine him. z Againe, what a mans treafiare is that bee keepes with his greateft care,with the greatefl warineffeand folicitude.So wilt thou the Lord Iefus, when once thou layfi him vp in thy heart, thou wilt not be careful' for any thing, fd much as tokeepe him fife, that is, to keepe the afTuranceof his favour fafe, tokeepe him mere thee,and thy felfe neere vnto him thy minde will be moft.carefull ofthis, more then ofallthings elfe: Thou wilt then take heede of all things that may caufe a diftance betweene thee and him, thou. wilt then take heede of whatfoever may loofe him, of whatfoever may make a feparation betweene the Lord and thee, thouwilt be morecarefull for this, then any man is to keepe his wealth, or to keepe whatfoever- it is that hee makeshis Treafure. 3 Againe, whatfoever is thy treafure that thou wilt moft efteeme,, thou wilt fet it at the higheft rate abone all things elfe. Before a man is in Chrift there are many other things, which in truth ,, ( how.foever bee pretend fomething elfe) which I fay , bee prizeth At a higher rate then Chri wordly vani- ties

on the Sacrament. ties before hee is in Chrift,they feeme great things tohim,but when hee is in himonce,hee lookes vpon them with anothereye . My be- loued,youknow there was a time when God looked vpon thecreatures and they were ex- ceeding good, even all that are in the world, thofe things that men magnifie foe mtich,I fay, there was a time when they were exceeding good;but finnehath blowed vpon them,it hath blafted the beauty and vigour ofthem, fothat nowwhen the Lord lookes vpon them, the fentence that is pronounced ofthem you know,in Eccl.. i ._They are all vanity andvexation offpirit.Confider ifthoube able toTooke on alt thefe things,as things (even the bell things the world hash) being but meere vanity, things wherein the Lord fowed not mens happinefíe, and therefore thou. canft not thinke to reape it there. If you marke but the expreffion the wife manvfeth in 1. Ecclef. faith he, cellthins are but vanity, all things veder the Sunne ; now there is a reafoncontained in thefewords why they are but vanity, for watersyouknow they afcend not higher then the fountaine,and they carrynot any thing higher then'their áwne af- cent, foall the creatures that bee in the world, they. bee but vnder the Sunne, therefore they cannot afcend to that happines which is aboue the Sunne, nor carry you to that condition which is aboue; for happines is aboue the Sun, laid vp in Heaven. Therefore faith he, all C 3 things

Thefirfi Sermon thingsvnder the Sunne if theybee confidered to make a manhappy , they are but vanity: Now confider whether thy judgment be foof them or no, whether it be conformable to the Iudgment ofthe holy Ghólt, whether thouhaft this conceit ofall other things , but thequite contrary conceit of lelus Chrift ;whether thou caa aft think of him, as of one that is the molt excellent and thy chiefeft treafure, as one that is farre beyond all thefe , as one vpon whom thy heart is pirched,as one in whom thy hap- pines is conteined 4Againe a mans treafure is that,which he will be at any coft togec,hewill be at any pairies to attaine it. It is that , onwhich his heart is be- ftowed, and his affections are occupied about. Is it fowith theewhen thou comeft toChrift Iefîis e art thouwilling tobee at more colt and paynes toget him, then any thingbetides? Is thy heart and affeáions more beftowedvpon him? For where a mans treafure is, therehis heart is. I doe not aske whether thou befloweft more time upon the matters ofgrace, then the dutyes of thycalling ; but, whether thou dolt them with more intention, whether thou be- ftoweft thy time & pairies vpon them, as vpon that which thou reckoneft thy treafure,farre exceedingall other s Againe fiftly confider whether thou art willing to partwith any thing rather,thenwith Chrift Iefus : for whatfoever is amans treafure, you

on the Sacrament. you know a man will part with any thing ra- ther thé with it. Whatfoever it is,that is fubjea to loffe rather thenhis treafure ; Is it fo with thee ? hadfr thou rather part withany thing then withChrift,then to part with a good con - fcience, then with thegraces of the fpirir the topart with any thing that tends toholyne4 'to build thee vp further in the worke of Gods grade : , I fay confider whether thy heart iJee willing topart with any thing rather then with Chrift;for you fhall find this,that Sathan&the world will cheapen Chrift , and when they come to bidding,they will bidwell. Confider whether thy heart cangiue a peremptory an- fwer to the world , and fay this; I will not fell Chrift, I will not fell agood confcience for any thing , yea when Satan & the world bid *heft, and tell thee as he did Chrift , that he will giue thee all the riches,and all the glory in the world , if youwill part with Chrift; confi- der whether thyheart be ready to deny what - foever he offers to thee,as he will be fure to of- fer that which will be aloft futable to thy dif- pofition, whether thy heart hath taken this re- folution to it felfe ; Chrift is my cheifeft trea- lure, I will part with all therefore, I will part with liberty, I will part with life, with goods, with credit, withpleafures, with profits, with wharfnever is neereand dear° untome , rather then I will part with our Lord Iefus. Ifthis be thy hearts refolution and minde,then Chrift is thy

ThefirfSermon thy cheife treafüre, that's the 2d thing. 3 Thirdly, confider what is thy cheife joy & delight, what is thy life, (I put them together; for that which is a mans chiefe joy indeed , is his life.) For we know life is nothing elfe but vilaijpy that the heart hath, whereby it is nou- ri1 d-an_d fedas it were, for life is not tohaue body and foule joyned together, tobe a living mein that fence we vfiially take lifc,for if that were life, then the men in hell Mould nit bee Paid tody the death,for you know in hell there is a conjunction of foule&body , andyet men are not fayd to hue there;for it is death which is thepunifhment offinne ; & indeed you shall finde that there is fomething a mans heart cleaues vnto, whereinhee rejoyceth, which is the fame with his life. Therefore looke as the Soule enlivens the body,fo the conjunaion of, the prefent things that he reckons his joy,that is his life, hee cannot liue without it. Now if ¿hrifl be thy chiefe joy, thou wilt finde this that thou canfl not liue without him , as men are wont to fay of theirdelights ; Such a man cannot fluewithout fuch a thing, fo it is trueof every man that hath taken Chrifl,he is not able to liue without him . This life is no life, and therefore ifthere be but feparation betweene thee andhim,ifmans confcience be as it were cloudedfora time, he findes no refl,he doth as the Spoufe in the Canticles,Sbefecksfro oneplace toanother, and,;sues herfelfenorefl, tilljheefinde him,

on the Sacrament. 17 him, andwhy: becaufe it was, he fvhcmhirfoule loved, Soyou (hall finde, Beloved, foever it is that your fòules loue, whatfoever you make your chiefe joy, you will take no ref},but as farre as you loue and injoy it. Therefore for the finding ofthis, whether Chrif1 be thy life and thy chiefe joy, confider what, it is that thy thoughts feedvpon; every wicked man, every man that is out of Chrifl: , there is fomething that his thoughts feed vpon, force things there are in contemplation of which the foule fola- ceth it felfe, force pleafures that arepall, pre- lent, or to come, thevery thinking of thefe are thegreateft joy ofhis heart, he roules them vn- der his tongue, even as a fervant that bathgot forne dinty bit out of his Mailers prefence,and Bates itin a c r,,er, fo the foule of a mani out of Chrifrrme fecret, force ftolen , forne vnlawfull delights , that it feeds vpon and de- lights in : Confider therefore well with thy felfe, what breakfaff thy morning thoughts haue, (that I may fo fay) what breakefaft they haue every morning, what is that Pahott m,that foodofthy foule, thy thoughtsand affeaions wherewith they are fed,&nourifhed and refre- flied from day to day; whether it bee fornecar- nall pleafure, force refittingon thy,tate,vpon thy credit, vpon thy wealth, vpon thy friends, or whether it be on Chriflr. As Davidexerci- fed it, whether theybe thy longs on thenight time, the remembranceofthem is fo, that they D haue

13 The _Ail Sermon .haue fomething paft whereby they comfort themfelues , fomething prefent whereby they cheare vp their hearts , fomething to come,. fomething in hope. So every man that is in, Chrift , hI hath the comforts ofthe fpirit, he hath the n station ofthepriviledges that hee hath inCi 9*- lath * hope ofgods favour, fuch are his O'i°ihtçÇ efe are the things that his foule feeds on in fecret , yea the ver workes that he loth, that feemes tobe the liar. deft part of a Chriftians life, thevery workes that hee doth in raving the Lord from day to day, even that is his meate and his drinker that is, it is as fweet and acceptable to his foule, as meat & drinke is to thehunger and thirft ofhis body: Now confider with thy felfe whether it bee fowith thee, whether that which is thy continuall feaft(without which thoucanff,not line be Chrift, that is, the aftúrance thou haft that he is thineand thou art his, ,whether it be the priviledges thouhaff inhim, things that belong to the kingdomeofGod,whether thefe be the things thy foule feeds on , whether this be thy life, the things without which thou couldeft not liue, or whether it bee Tome thing elfe,fome flollen delights,forne vnlawfull plea- lures, fomething elfe that thy foule and afreeti- ons are fet vpon. And this is thenext thingby which thou mayft try thy felfe whether thou belong to chriff or no , to confider whether she be thycheife joy,whether thy foulebe inoft filled

on the Sacrament. 19 tilled and fatisfyed with him. And this is the third thing. 4 The fourth is; hee is thy chicle Refuge; If< thou bee one that haft Cooke him and received him, I fay he is thy chiefe refuge. That is, as I laidofthe reft,gageveryman tiath me refuge,: Come caftieor other,to whic1;_l + foule Retires inall difficult and doubtfull cales,by reafon.of that indigency and that infufficiency to which the nature of man is fubjed There is Coale- thing that hemuff haue to leavevnto,(markeit) for mankinde is like that generation which;tlie Wifeman fpeakes of,you, know it is laidof the Connyes they areageneration notfirong, &teat then, ,8z theref re they hale their burrowes to bride themfelues in. I,fay filch is the generation of mankinde, hee is a weake creature , a genera- tion not ftrong , therefore there is fomething that heemutt leave to , fomething out ofhim - felfe, fume fufficiency befides himfelfe, Como ftrong hold, Tome refuge every manhath, I fay every manhath lone refuge or other, whither he thinkes his foulemaygoe, and therehe may haue firccour in cafes dangerous and in trou- bles. Now confider what is thy refuge, whi cher thy heart rvnnes inall fuch cafes, to what winge,towhat ftrong hold : In dangerous ca Fes, you fee every creaturebath fame refugeor other, The Child runnes Po his mother, The I Chickens ränne to the benne , TheFox tohis larth, the Conneys to their burrówes; foevery D 2 creature

20 The firs Sermon creature to their feverall corners and recepta- cles proper to them : I fay foe it is with every man , fo hash every one of you to whom I fpeake,there is fomewhat that is a fecret refuge to which your hearts fly. Now confider vvhe- ther that be ariaor fomewhat elfe. A cove- tousman (rather a manofthis world) hebath wealth for his flronghold , in which his heart comforts it felfe , well , what change of time foever come , yet I haue an eflate to holdme vp, and when he is ill fpoken ofabroad, yet he applaudes himfelfewith that hehath at home; The Courtiers, they haue the Princes favour, that is their refuge wherein they comfort themfelues; Thofe that are given to Company theyhaue good fellowes, fuck as they, that are their companions, and fo long as they fpeake well ofthem , theycarenot who fpeake ill of' rhem;Some of this kind, fóe ofanother, every man bath his refuge. Ifyou will looke into the fcriptures,you fhall feeDavids refuge,fee inany difireffe, vpon anyoccafion,At Ziglaghecófor- I Saw. 30. 6. tech himfelfe in the Lord,his heart did fly tohim, as the chickens fly to thehenne, therehe com- forted himfelfe, there bee fhrowded himfelfe, there hce encouraged himfelfe in the Lord, when he fledfrom his fonneAbfolon, was not the Lordhis refuge? Yet (faith hee) Reeùmy buckler andmy flroreg hold. Pfalm. 3 which was made vpon that occafion: What was Jacobs re- fuge when he fledfrom his brother Ffau ? Did not le.

on the Sacrament. 2 i not hee goc to the Lord , and feeke to him by prayer:' Lord thou haftfaidthouwilt doe megood, nowIfly vnto thee,I befeech thee performe thy prornife, thou art my refuge. Confider others now,what was their refuge : ludd's, when hee had betrayed his Mailler Chrift, &his confci- ence was vpon him for it, heegoes to the high Priefls and brings the flyer to them, why faith he, you fet mea worke , you arethe authors of it, and I hope to find forecomfort from you; you fee he found tittle comfort in his mind,yet that was his refuge. The Kings of Ifrael and Judah when theywere dillre&d,they fled toE- gypt and to cA'jhur, to this or that helpe, which (the Lord faid) were broken reads to them,but yet that was their refuge:This is the manner of every man being out ofChrift, that is an vn. regenerate man, that is in his naturali eftate force refugehe hath, friends, or wealth,or cre- dit, or thefavour of thePrince , fomething or other it is: and ifhe bee deflitute and haue no refuge (as fometimes it fo falls out) then his heart is (haken as the leaues of the forreft; Their hearts were (haken even for feare ofthe king ofAram , As the leaues are fhaken in the forreîr; andwhy? becaufe theyknew not how to defend themfelues , they had no refuge to fly to: So you fee it was with BelJKars heart, fo Achitophel, and foSaul, when he fees that he mutt dy thenext day,and that there was no re- fuge for him:then I fay their hearts fanke and D 3 dyed Gen. 3 2...I a. Ifaiah, 7, 2.

------.. 22 The firfi Sermon dyed within them ; And now confider how it is with thee, what is the refuge to which thy heart flyeth, and which thy heart makes moff account of, (for every man thinkes withhim felfe , change oftime may come, andwhat fBall bee my comfort, what (hall be my ffrong hold at that time.) Doff thou flye to Iefus Chri ff ? is beethy fuccour when thyheart is dejeted at any time and faints within thee:' from which fountaine doff thou fetch thy comfort ? Doff thou fly to Chriff, to comfort thy felfe in him x when thou art in a doubtfull cafe , that concernes thee as much as thy life? whither doff thou goe for counfell and dire -. lion r is it to Chriff, tobefeech him toguide thee & direct thee, when thou art preffed hard? whither Both thy heart goe for fuccour & for helpe to keepe thy felfe fafet Is it toChriff, or to fomewhat elfe r Mybeloved , I affure you this , that acarnali man that is not in Chriff, in thefe, times of diffreffe knowes not whither to goe, bee daresnot goe toChriff, for he feares that it (hall be asked hirn, vpon what acquain- tance,.' for he bath been a ffrangerto the Lord, he was never acquainted with him : but a car - nall man that is out ofChriff , bee goes to his Mufes,he goes to his farmes, he goes to his bu- fhes,as the hunted hare was wont todoe,to goe to the places that fhe viedwhen fire lived quiet, thither fhee Oyes whenffhe knowes not how to efcape : fo in that fafhion it is withmen, looke what

on the Sacrament. what things they werewont, to which their hearts had recourfe in timeofprofperity, and what their haunts hauebeene , to thofe bufbes they fly: Bur alas! they are but bulbes, filch as wily not defend them. But now the Chriftian on the other fide , the mute , the farme as it were (it is but to exprefíe it to you) that his foule is acquainted with, (that is mymeaning) the ftrong hold that hee was wont to fly vnto, wpon every feverall evill, vpon everrordinary doubt, vpon every dejeétign and difcourage, went and faintingofheart; he was wont to fly to Chrift, and there he was wont to find corn fort, and thither hee goes in time of greareft difficulty in the day of death , and there hec ands comfort. Confider ifhee bee thy chiefe refuge, for ifthy heart hath taken him as he is thy chiefe excellency, thy chiefe joy thy chiefe treafure; fo hee will be thy chiefeft re- fuge, yeawhenall things elfe are taken away, yet that cover remaines fate: fuppole thou be inprifon, fuppo`fe thy credit be takenaway, (I meane)thy wordly credir,(for theother credit cannot be taken away from any man that hath Chrift,) fuppofe thy life bee.taken away, fup- pofe thoubee ftript of all that thou haft ; yet thouhaft Chrift for thy chiefe refuge,and thou thinkeft fo , and thy heart is fatisfyed with it. As Paulfaith , when bee was a prifoner, when he was naked, when he was definite, whenhe was ftript ofall , yet (faith hee) I blowwhom I haue :

24 The firfi Sermon haue trufied, As ifhe fhould fay, yet I haue him Cafe, yet my cover was over my head, yet I am fife in mycattle, i hauechoofcn him , I haue him in death, yea then Chrift he is advantage, he is a cover, a cattle, & a refuge. 5 Laft of all, confider whom thou fetteft vp for thy chiefeft Commander, who it is to whom thougiveic the chiefecommand in thine heart. You will fay how (hall I know that r Why (my beloved) he whom a man feareth moft, & loveth moft, that i, he whole fr_iendfhip aboue all others he would-leaAloofe, and whole dif- like and feperationhelothmolt feare, certain- ly he will bee moft obedient tohim, he will be moft obfervant ofhim. Art thou fo to Chriflr take all the things in the world , ifthou let vp him, as himwhom thoumoft feareft & loveft, thou wilt moft obey him: So againe, he whom thou thinkeft candoe thee the greateft good,& the greateft hurt , him thou wilt moft obey; if thou thinkeft in good earrreft- that Chrift is a- ble to doe it, certainly then thou wilt mofto- bey him; As for example, ifthou looke toany elan in the world , a man that is out ofChrift, he thinkes that the favour or the wealth ofthe King., candoe him moregood and mnorehurr, then the favour, or the loífe ofthe favour-of Chrift; He thinkes that wealth, or credit, or fomethingel le, (many things there are that he `thinkes) candoe him more good&more hurt, therefore lice more relpe is their command, then

on the Sacrament. then the command of Chrifl, but a man that fens vp him fcirhis chicle Commander, hee re- gards nothing elfe when it comes to croffe it, when it comes to thwart any command of Chrif becaufe hee faith thus to him felfe in his heart in fecret . It is the Lord that can do the greatefl good, and thegreatefl hurt, therefore I care for no more. So Naboth he cared not for Ahabwrath. SoMordecay ca- red not for Hamans difpleafure: fodid theA- poflles they cared not forthe HighPriefls,nor what they could doe, v4cic.4. So did the 3 children (as you call them) theycared not for the fiery furnace of N.abucadne7Lar , nor forall that hee was able todoe and why. r becaufe they thought that Chrifl, and that God was able to doe themmore hurt, and more. good; Now take any Commander in the world,when you regardnot the punifhment,nor the reward that he isable to inflidor to giuc you his au thority i gone;nowwhen you fet vpChriit, & think 1ö ofChrifl, you are ready to obey him, and obey him rather then anyother: Therefore :confider with thy felfe this, and confider fe- rioufly,aske thy heart the queflion,what is that thou fetteft vp to be thy chiefeft Commander:' For thereare three great Commanders in the world , that divide all mankinde betweene themalmofl..And that is.wealth,and eflate,and worldly credit & thyhonor to liue_inefleeme, pleafures, anddelight, now thinke with thy E felfe

Thefirfi Sermon felfe whenany of thefe three great Comman- ders come with any command; contrary to that which Chrift commands, thinkewith thy felfe what thou wilt doe in fuch a cafe, what waft thouwont to doe, looke to pall experi- ence: looke backe to thy former wayes, fee what thouwaft wont to doe: thinke with thy felfewhen fucha Command comes, what thy heart reafons vpon5ifconcupifcence,if aflrong 'alga thong impetuous delre come,. and bid thee to doe foinething, which is contrary to that which Chrift would haue thee to doe, what art thou ready to doe in fuch a cafes if thyprofit, the maintenance of thy ef}ate, thy liberty, thy wealth, thy convenience in this world come and command thee to doe one thing, and thy conicience ( which is Chrifts vifegerent)1 come in his ftead, and command thee another thing,what art thou ready todoe in that cafelswwhen thy credit,thy honor,& reputation, thy vaine glory íhall come and bid thee doone thing,and Chrift (hall bid ¿h&doe another, what is.thy refolution, what art thou wont todoe? By this thou fhalt knowwhether thou fertefl vp Chrifl, as the chiefe Comman- der in thy heart or noe , whether thou giuefl him thy chiefe throne, whether thou exalteft him for Godin thy hearr;you knowwhen you exalt him for. God; every thing then yeelds, if in truth bee be fet vp for God in thy heart: Therefore confider what it is that thy heart lets

on the Sacrament. lets higheft, whether thou exalted himmod, whether (when anyofthefe threatning, cry- ing commands come) thou candgiue them an abfolute denyall, and fay with thy felfe, I will not obey you ; and if they threaten imprifon- ment,or difgrace,and loffe oflife, and ifI doe not obey fuch a lull, I (hall be wrung & pincht for i.t,I (hall lofe fuch delights: well,I am refol- ved to beareal this: on the other fide,whé they (hall come with faire proffers, you (hall haue this honour,and this advancement,& this con - venience.If thy heart can fay now, I will haue noneofyou,for I fee it is a command contrary to his that is abone, whom I haue let vp for my chiefe Commander whom l refo'ue to obey, whom I take to be greater then all the friend= (hip in the world, then all theproffts,pleafures, andcredits in theworld,I fay thus examine thy felfe what thy heart is toward Chrifr,what it is to his command: and ( let mee touch that by the way) thouulnaalb thew thy obedienceto C: hrifl,in thy obedience to others;My beloued there are- indifferent things, that are in them - felues not of moment one way or other , whether wee doe them or not doe them, and though the omiffionofthem in themîelues be nothing , yet when it frail be of contempt and neglect of thofe that are let in fìiperi- our placeover you, in fuck a café you ought not to doe it : this is a rule, and a true rule in divinity, that indifferent things may be o- E z mitred

28 Thefirfi Sermon mitred except in two cafes, incafe offcandall, and in cafeof.negled, and contempt ofautho- rity:therefore when there is negleí`l,whenmen thewcontempt, for that cafe it is tobe done, though for the other it is not to be done. This I touch but by the way,that oumay confider it in your particularoccafioñ.. Nowmy beloued,you fee there 5. things,by whichyoumay know ifyou haue tooke Chrift or no,ye knowwhen a man comes to examine himfelfewhether he bea fitte man, a man that hath any right to come to the Lords table, bee mull confider whether bee bein Chrifl, otherwife he bath nothing to doe either with this priviledge,or with any other; Now to be in Chrift, theremuft (as I laid) goe a double aì,theremutt be one on thy owne fide, there muff be one ad on thy part to take him; and there muft be an a& on his part, there goes out a ürength and a verme fr= him by which hee takes thee andcomprehends thee: The time is paft,and I cannot proceed further, onely re- member this that hath beene Paid toybu, and examine your felues. by it whether you bein the truth,whether youmakeChriff your chiefe Excelencie,your chiefeTredfure, your. chiefe lo-y, your chiefe Refuge, your chiefe Commander, it thou finde that thou haft done this, if thou finde thy heart wrought to fuch ana&as this, to take Chrift in fuch a manner, then thou haft Chrift, thou art in hip, then thouhaft a right in

on the Sacrament. in him, and maift comewith comfort, but if thou haue it not,then I muff charge every one of you in the name ofChrift Terns (in whole authoritywecome) that you medie not with fuchholymifteries. My Beloued you know what I haueoften toldyou, there is a neceffity layd onmen to come to the Sacrament : you know he that neglected the PafTover was tobe cut offfrom the people. It was a very great finne: fo it. was to omit the Sacrament: you haue diverfe* arme#, and if your bufineff'e hinder youfrom one, you may come to ano. ther,I meane in a Tearme, yea there is a necef- fity lyes vpon you to come, but yet we mutt giueyou adouble charge,one that thou omit it not,and another that thou comenot hither vn- leffe thou be inChrift; what haft thou to doe, . thou that aria profaine perfon, thou haft no- thing to doe with him,thou that art yet a Bran- ger to him, that thou íhouldit thruftin to the Lords table;thou ought'ft not to döe it, ifthou doff, thou eatefi drinkeftthy oiine damn4tion, infteadof thy falvation, The

EheSecond Sermon. y'fe. AND fo nowwee come to the Vfe,and that is,that there is an Ad of Chrifi to make an vision betwixt vs,that we may be his,and he ours; there is an adofhis, that is, there is a certaine power or vertue comes from him,even as there doth from the Load-Bone to the iron ,- that drawes thee to him, there goes out a vertu-and power from him as to the woman that touched thehemme of his garment, that healed her bloody iífue, fuch a power goes out from Chrifi to every man, that is in him. And as youmuff examine it by your ovine ad, fo in the fecondplaceyou are to examine it by this; confider whether there hach gone out any fuch power from Chrifi to take thee,and comprehend thee: For you muft know this,that when once weeare in Chrifi, then there goes forth an effeEivall and almighty power from him , which loth not makea little light alteration; a light changeon the fuperficies ofthe heart, but it alters the ve- ry frame of it, it turnes the very rudder of the heart, fo that a mans courte is to a quitecon- trary point of the compaffe,it is filch an altera- tion as dothbreed vs,not forcegood concepti- o,onelyof purpofes and defires whichmany haue,

on the Sacrament., haue, which when they cone to the birth, there is no ftrength to bring them forth: but he giues to vs a power and ftrength toper- forme them : That is, heedothnot put upon them a wafhy colour ofprofeffion,but hee dy- eth them in graine withgrace 8holines. And therefore confider whether thou hats found a- ny experience offuch a power goingout from Chrift to thy heart 3 This mybeloved, differs, from common graces, fr6 the common forme ofgodlinefle which is in theworld, as much as the life differs from thepi±ure, oras the fub- ftance from the fbadow, as a through perfor- mance differs from a proffer, or anoffer: or as that which hath finewes and vigour,differs from that which is weakeand powerles. Ther- fore this power ofChrift whichbee puts forth and diffufeth into the heart of every man that is in him,is called theKingdome.And the King-1 dome ofChrift is not inword, but inporver: That is, when once he ruïest as a King, ee eher- cifeth akingdome there, and he faith onely to vs,I will haue inch a thingdonethey arenot weal e and powerlefle commands that he giues to the heart of a man that hedwels in) but faith he, the KingdomeofGod is not in wordbut in power,that is,there goes an efficaciewith thefe commands, there goes a great ftrength with them,that brings every thought, and every re- bellious affec`fion into fubjedion to it & there- fore confider I fay, ifthou stesidit haue thefe vernies,

ThefecondSermon vertues, whether thou be in Chriii, whether any fuch power hath gone out from Chrift to thy heart. But you will fay,what isthispower andver- tue, and in manner is it infufed into the heart ofman ;i this feemes tobe a narration of a thing a farreoff:? My beloued we will explaine it as well as.we cantoyou; even as you fee an Artificer work- ingwith his inftrument, there goes a certaine vertue out from that art which is in his minde, and guides inflrument tomake this or thaç the whichwithout it could not be done;'when hee makes any artificiali thing, as a knife, or a fword; or when the Potter fafhions the potty his hand is fet on worke, & there is a certaine invifible,a certaine fecret paffage, an influence of the art that goes along withhis hand, that brings forth fuch an artificiali thing;oreven as you fee themembers moue; a man mouing his arme,or his hand,or anypart ofhis body,there goesa tiirtaine vertue from his will, a certaine fecret power:,efficacie & command that ffirres them this way or that way, the thing wee fee not,yet we fee it in effect.° or as you fee it in the creature, you fee the creatures that God hath made, they haue all the feverall infIini'ts, by which they are inftigated to doe this or that; you fee the birds are infligated to make their nef}s offuck a fathion,atfuch a feafon;fo every creature according tohis feverall kinde. There goes

on the SdCY'aYlZe7Z%, 33 goes out from God who is the authour of na- tureto there workesof nature, a certainever- tue that puts themon and inftigatesthem,and puts them to this or that: and as you fee anar- row that is fhot by the Archer, there goes a vertue together with it, that dire is it juft to fuch a marke,fo farre,andno further . So after this manner comes apower fromChrift to his members, that, as Toone as a man is in him, therecomes fuch a fecret divine, vnexpreffa.ble efficacy that workes vpon the heart ofhim in whomhee dwells. And therefore you fee the conjundion betweene him andvs, iris com- pared to that which is betweene the foule and the body, that as and ffirres vs too and fro, according to its will and pleafure, fuchan effi- cacy fhalt thou find , ifthou belong 'untohim, and therefore confideriftherebee fucha thing in theeor no. But youwill fay, towhat `purpofe is this effi- cacy , and what doth it in my heart when it comes there? Why I will tell thee what it doth it is ex- preffed inplaine termes z. Cor. 5.17. Whofa- ever h in Chrij is made a new creature ; That is theworke that it effeâs ; it is fuch a powerand efficacy as makes theea newcreature; That is, It breakes in peeces theold building , it quite takes away the firfI print ; As when a man comes tomake anew fiampe, the fiat muff bee removed : fo that this efficacy that goes our. F from

Thefecond Sermon from Chriif, it hath a double vertue in thy foule , to weareour theold ffampe, tobreed a death of the old nature, of the old man, to ru- ine andbreake downe the old building, and to fet vp anew one ; and that the fcripture calls a new creature: and therefore confider with thy felfe whether thou find fuch a vertue as hath put thy heart into fuch a new frame, as hash moulded it alltogether, and hath put it into another fafhion then it was, confider whether all in theebe new. You will fay this is firange, muff all be new? My beloved , youknow the words they are cleare,old things are patted away,all things are become new. (In the fame place which I quo- ted before) that as the command was inthe of- feringof thePaífover, not a jot ofold leaven, but we muffpart with it Now this is thena tureof leaven , It is alwayes purging out, and it will be purging out while we arehere, only the efficacy and ffrength thereof remaines; Then thinkewith thy felfe, is all new 'inmee, Tooke what naturali difpofition I haue had, looke what naturall luffs & defires I haue had, fee what as I was wont to doe, what old haunts and. cuffornes I haue had, looke what old company I kept, what old`courfes I woke, what my trail bathbeene, is all this altered& every thingbecome new:' (for faith he, it muff bea newcreature, a newnature:) That is, it is not enough for a man tohaueanew courfe fo:' a fir,

on the Sacrament. 35 a fit, to hauenewpurpofes , anda new change that comes like flafhes,I fay,that is not enough; you may haue manynew things in you, that may be in old hearts, like pecces ofnew cloath in old garments , that will doe thee nogood at all; the Lord regards not that : like new wine in old veffels ; fo it is where there are fonie new things,that are good things in themfelues, in a carnali And oldheart , theyare not fit for the heart , and,therefore they never flay long there : So faith thetext, Piet a nerypeece into an oldgarment, andit makes therent greater. Therefore all muff be new; I fay theremuff be a new nature , thatthere new things may be there: even as the feverall creatures are in their feverall elements , as the elements are in their owne 'place, as the plants are in their proper boyfe, as the branches are upon their owne roote; For then they floriíh , then they hold out,then they continue ; Therefore fee whe- ther this vigor , this efficacy , this vertue hath gone out from Chrift into thy heart , whether it hath not only renewed all in thee , but alfo hath given thee a new nature, That is, whether it hath wrought fuck a change in thee, thatall the wayes ofgodlines andnew obedience, be- come in ameafure naturali to thee, fo that thou canft doe them cheerefuily , even as we heare, and fee, and doe naturaliaâións, and that thou doff themwithout wearineffe: foryou know, things that arenaturali wee are not weary of F z them;

36 The fecond Sermon them ; And fothouwilt doe them confrantly, for what is naturali , frayes and abides by vs, our-growes and out wearies what ever is in vs befide 3 Nowbath there a vertue gone out fromChrifr , that hath wrought all this in you, that bathmade all new, &bathnot only done fo, but bath made it naturali to thee:' But you will fay, muft it needsbe fo, cannot Chrifr rake and comprehend mee, but there muft bee this wonderfull change wrought, who canbe Caved then ? I haue thenbut little hope, when I amvpon my deathbed; and then (hall looke vpon my oldnature, and find no filchworke as Afv. thiswrought vponme. Beloved, I befeech you confider this, that there is a neceffityof it, It is fo", and it muft bee fo, and except you haue ir, youcannot bePaved ; you fee the words inthe fcriptures are aloft cleare, Who,focver is in Chrijtt 4 anew creature : Doe but confider whether it be fo or no, theremuft be withall a newheaven anda new-earth; You fee that was the great pro, mifethat was tobe fulfilled in our times ofthe Goffiell: was it not a newPreifthood, was it not a newcovenant; hash not the Lord Paid,. there muff bee a new heavenandanew earth , That is, new graces from heaven,, anda new company ofmenwrought on,and changed by thofegra- ces r fhall oldAdam, thofe that are borne of ofhill, (hall they receiue apower from him,to make them like to him ; to carry his Image,. to be

on ,the Sacrament. 37: bee corrupt, and carnall, and finfull as hce is: And doe you not thinke that the Newvidam, the Second Adana , íhall haue as much efficacy in him tomake thole new creatures,that are in claim , that come to him Certainly there is as much power, and life, and vigor in the new Adam, to change every man that is in hirn, that comes to him, & tomake them new creatures, As in the old 4e/4m, tomake them like him: Betides , hathnot Chrift faidplainly, I come not into the world to faue foules only , that is not my bufìnes alone (though that was a great part of the bulneffe and errant for which flee came into the 1,vorld)but (faith he) Icame topa- rifleapeople, to .y f lfe, . 7Lealous ofgoodworkes: in the a Tit. Now if that were the endof Chrifis comming, dot} thou thinke that hee will loofe his end? And therefore its imponible, thata- ny man fhould be faved,to hauepart in Chrift, & that he fhould be in Chrift &Chrift in him, his heart be purified fo, as tobe zealous of goodworkes. If Chrift dwell in thy heart, thoumayft eafily know it;for doll thou thinke, that Chrifl will dwell in a foule and vncleane place? hath henot pure eyes? And therefore it is certaine wherefoever hedwells, that place muff bea frt Templefor him todrvellin, & there- foreofnecefïity heemail cleanfe thy heart, he muff fafhion it, &keepe it pure, and cleatle, and (weer, fo as it maybea fit Temple for him and his Spirit to dwell and delighti.n. :Betides F 3 doth