Preston - BV824 P73 1631

86 q_rse(io The third Sermon for fomthing or other, for which he is felici- tous , Now when a man heares fucka voice from heaven , that the Lord himfelfe faith ,o vs, Bee carefull for nothing, doeno more bu, makeyour requeft knowne, it is well enough, I will Purely heare in heaven and,graunt its It is a great comfort. Beloved, comfort your felues with thefe words, and thinke this with your felues, that this is that Charter, &great Grant . that theLord hathgiven you, and to none but you, that what prayers you make to him, Kee heareth you. But it will bee objected, (I fee the timepaf- feth,Iwill but only an fwer this oneobjeEtion, that I muff not let pafre) why is this faid fo ge- nerallye That we mutt in nothing be cvrefull, but in all things make our requeft knowne:' For then ifaman were but a pooreman, it is but goingto the Lord, and asking riches, and heeMall haue them Ifa manwere fickeof an incurable difeafe, it wereno more but going to theLord, and he fliould bee fure tobe recove- red ; If a man hath an enterprife to bring to paf e, It is no more but goe to him, and it (hall bedone: what is the reafort then, that godly& holy men haue not thefe things graunted to them? A (m- To this I anfwer,you muff vnderftand it with this condition , even as it is with aFather (I will proue it toyou by that,) fuppofe he íhould fay to his fonne, I will deny thee nothing, what_