Preston - BV824 P73 1631

on the Sacrament. 85 neither King nor Beene could bee able to helpehim ; or though they were able, (as Thee was in that cafe) yet it might bee Pent, and nor delivered: Now then confider what the Lord loth to-vs, Flee hath given vs this priviledge, he hath given vs prayer, as it were this Ring, he hath given vsthat to vfe,.and tells vs, what- foever our cafe is, whatfoever we are, whatfo- ever we fland inneedof, whatfoever diftreífe we are in, doe but fend this vp to me, (faith he) dobut deliver that mefl'age vpto meofprayer, and T will bee fure to relieue you : Now cer- tainlywhat cafe foever we are in,when we fend vp this, it is lure to be conveyed, wherefoever we are: Againwhatfoever our cafe is,Ave fend it to one that is able to helpe vs,which aPrince many times is not able todoe- This benefit we haue by prayer , 7 hat whatfoever we ask at the Lordshands, wee fhall haue it;. Now confider this great advantage which youhaue;' It is expreiled 4 Phil. in thefe words, Be inno- thingcarefull ;faith the Apof le:) And that you may fee wee hueground for this generality, In nothingbee carcfuíl , but in ail things makeyour reguef . That is , whatfoever your cafebee,1 make no exception at all, but whatfoever you nand in eed of, whether it concernes your foules or your bodies , your name or your e- f}ate; yet be in nothing carefull...This is a great matter: There is none amongft you that heares me now butfometime or orher.he is. carefull M 3 for