Reynolds - HP BS1450 110th R38 1632

ro theIkeyer. order,and onother Scriptures, and fame likewifewhich were delivered in other places, and on other occafions ; which yet being pertinent to the reties of the difcourfe, I thought might juftly feeme as naturall parts, and not as ach,W.N, incoherent and unfuteable pieces. Such er- rors as have efcaped in thepreffe, and the unfitneffe of fome oftheThiel of the Pages (which in my farreab- fencefrom the preffe, while moil ofthe booke was un- der it, were ordered byothers who attended upon it) I thandefire thee courteoufly to paffe by : thole greater flips which mayhaplyperturbe the fenfe, I have noted together. So fubmitting my poore labours to thy favou- rable Cenfure,and commending thee to the Bleiling of God. I reft, 6. A,